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Top 10 most useful summer berries

And did you know that in red berries, vitamin C is several times larger than in a lemon? We invite you to learn about the useful properties of the ten most popular summer berries

Summer is in full swing. And right now it is possible to enjoy delicious and fragrant berries, filling your body with a lot of vitamins and nutrients. 

Useful properties of berries are manifested due to their unique vitamin and mineral composition. All berries without exception are a source of various vitamins, folic acid, fiber. They also contain pectins, essential oils and organic acids. Berries can be used as a medicine for cores, hypertensors who want to lose weight, because they affect the acceleration of metabolism and lead to weight loss. The powerful effects of berries have on the human immune system, firmly strengthening it.

And did you know that in red berries, vitamin C is several times larger than in a lemon? We suggest you learn about the useful properties of the ten most popular summer berries.

1. Strawberries

Opens the season of berries red and fragrant strawberries. Starting from this wonderful berry, we replenish the stock of all possible useful substances exhausted during the winter. In addition to a large number of vitamins, this berry is rich in potassium, and in combination with fiber has a positive effect on the digestive process and perfectly strengthens the heart muscle. In addition, the strawberry has a fairly low glycemic index. Therefore, people with high blood sugar can safely eat it. But we must remember that strawberries can cause an allergic reaction.

2. Cherry

On the shelves, next to the strawberry, you can always see the cherry. Our advice to you is not to pass this beautiful, juicy and sweet berry. The greatest amount of vitamins is found in burgundy cherry. But the least allergenic is light (yellow). In the pulp of cherries contains an ideal ratio of zinc, magnesium and copper - these are the minerals that are necessary for the synthesis of protein and creatine. And it helps to strengthen hair and nails.

3. Cherries

This juicy, bright red berry has a thin, sour taste. Due to the abundance of organic acids (citric, apple, amber, salicylic) cherries have a pronounced sweet and sour taste. In the pulp of cherry contains fiber, which improves digestion. A cherry juice perfectly strengthens the walls of the capillaries and normalizes the coagulation of blood.

4. Raspberry

In the summer, eat one cup of berries every day, and you will forget about colds, since raspberries stimulate the body's ability to produce interferon. Also raspberry is very rich in ascorbic acid. One of the most valuable properties of raspberries is that it is an excellent antipyretic. And this property is preserved in any treatment - the berry can be dried, frozen, grinded with sugar and cook jam from it. If you do not want to take pills during the autumn-winter period with colds, the best alternative is raspberry in any form.

5. Currant

Black currant in the content of ascorbic acid is superior to many other berries. Those people who have a low level of hemoglobin - currant will help bring it back to normal. In addition, currant contains potassium, which promotes intestinal peristalsis. It contains a large amount of vitamin K, and this improves blood coagulability.

6. Blueberries

This small berry is very useful for sight, it helps improve the blood supply to the retina of the eyes. Blueberries can even fight a condition called "night blindness". It has a minimum of organic acids, so it does not irritate the stomach and intestinal mucosa - this is an excellent remedy for a stomach disorder.

7. Blueberries

The forest berry of blueberry is the closest relative of blueberry, but it has less pronounced flavor. It is good to eat in combination with other berries. Blueberry juice increases appetite, normalizes blood sugar level and strengthens capillary walls. Also this berry is an excellent diuretic and choleretic agent.

8 . Mulberry

The mulberry is dark and light in color, but it is equally useful for the body. This berry strengthens the nervous system, is an excellent tool for normalizing blood sugar levels, and also normalizes fat lipid metabolism, thereby helping to fight excess weight. Silkworm has practically no contraindications.

9. Gooseberries

This berry is rich in various vitamins (vitamin P, C, A, B), minerals and trace elements (zinc, iodine, cobalt, phosphorus). Gooseberries are recommended for people who need to replenish the body's levels of iron, phosphorus and vitamins. Juice of gooseberry is an excellent remedy against the formation of blood clots. Also, this berry has an anti-inflammatory property, cleanses the body of harmful toxins and radionuclides.

10. BlackBerry

Blackberry in appearance is very similar to raspberry, only darker in color. Just like raspberries, blackberries have antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects. But these properties are less pronounced. Blackberry is an excellent remedy for problems of the urinary system, in particular with cystitis. 

All berries, which were discussed, are rich in vitamins, trace elements, fiber and other useful substances. Their use in the summer will improve the body, fill with strength and energy. But we must remember that in everything it is necessary to know the measure. And excessive use of berries can cause allergies and discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. Especially it concerns berries, rich in acids - cherry, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries.

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