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The ideal basic wardrobe of a modern man: 9 must have things

Fashion comes and goes, but there are things that do not lose their relevance under any circumstances

Fashion comes and goes, but there are things that do not lose their relevance under any circumstances. And if you decide to fill your wardrobe with the "right" ingredients,  MEN's LIFE  will tell you what to pay special attention to.
1. Male cardigan with a round or V-neck
Your winter base wardrobe will definitely not do without warm clothes, and therefore the very first thing you should run into a store is a couple of jumpers. The advantage of the latter is that they fit all age categories and fit well into virtually any image. The main thing is to remember the important rule: a cardigan with a round neckline is ideal for creating a relaxed and casual casual-look'a , while a cardigan with a V-neck is better to combine with a business men's suit .
If you are lost in shades, choose the win-win option - a jumper in a neutral range, which is formed by gradations of blue,  gray, brown and beige colors . It is these models that you will need most often. When one of the above is already going into your wardrobe, you can safely buy jumper of other, more specific and fashionable shades, with which you can dilute the discreet image qualitatively.
By the way, when choosing a jumper, always look at the composition. If it contains more than 10-15% synthetics - better give up buying . As for the characteristics of washing, it is very important to study the label. With extreme care, you need to handle things made from natural wool and angora: in order to preserve the original look of the sweater, use the most delicate washing regimes, as well as powders and balms designed for woolen products.
2. Dark men's jeans
Dark blue jeans - this is the version that never, under any circumstances will not go out of fashion. In addition, the subject of the wardrobe has an absolute versatility: jeans are perfectly combined with T-shirts, cardigans, parks, shirts, jackets, bombarded jackets and brutal coats.
Saving in this case is definitely not worth it: just one pair of quality denim ideal cut will last you several years, perfectly complementing any of the images. Special attention should be paid to the jeans of such famous brands as Levi's, Diesel, Acne, APC or AllSaints - these brands specialize in denim and know how to make jeans bring you real pleasure.
3. One-color T-shirt
T-shirts do not happen much, especially if they are solid. The most popular colors are white, gray, blue and black : these options are perfectly combined with blazers, cardigans, jackets and any jackets. Again, do not be stingy and give preference to quality things: a good T-shirt keeps its shape for as long as possible without deforming after washing.
4. Light shirt
In the same way, as in the previous case, shirts of white and blue color can boast of excellent multifunctionality - not for nothing that they are called one of the whales of a full-fledged men's wardrobe. Including only two or three shirts of light shadesin your arsenal , you can boldly create on their basis both everyday look-and (for example, with jeans and a jacket-scythe), and quite official (with classic trousers and a jacket).
5. Men's Classic Costume
Each self-respecting man necessarily has in his wardrobe a good suit of classic cut. And if for some reason you have not got one yet - be sure to correct this misunderstanding. To understand which of the costumes goes to you the most, it is necessary to carry out fitting exercises (needless to say, the purchase in the online store in this case is excluded).
To the choice of approach carefully: the suit should sit on you, as if with a needle, because you have to use it in important and important moments. Double-breasted or single-breasted - does not play a big role , but among the shades, preference is given to the dark - it is more universal.
By the way, a good classic costume will never cost less than € 100, and therefore we do not recommend saving on its purchase.
6. Shirt in a cage
This stylish wardrobe item is simply indispensable if most of your life you adhere to an informal, relaxed style . A checked shirt is an excellent alternative to white and blue variants, but do not forget that a large and contrasting cell does not fit into the business image at all. If the print is small and sustained in the same scale, then bravely combine such a shirt with a classic suit and complement it with a tie.
7. Knitted cardigan
In addition to the jumper, in the winter men's wardrobe the "cardigan" must necessarily "settle" - this is exactly the thing that can bring a note of style to absolutely any image. One of the main advantages of a cardigan is that with its help it is possible to achieve an extremely topical multilayered today: boldly combine it with shirts, T-shirts and thin sweaters, layering also jackets, parks and coats.
8. Sweatshirt and sweatshot
These items burst into our fashionable life relatively recently, but today it is almost impossible to imagine a completed base wardrobe without them. Although initially sweatshirts with hoodies were an attribute of the sports style, now they are much more versatile. In other words, it is an irreplaceable detail of the urban style, which residents of metropolises actively adhere to. You can safely combine them with sports pants, shorts, jeans, nonclassical trousers from the cot and chinas, as well as with any jackets and even with single-breasted jackets.
9. Shoes-Desert
The classic name of the boot sounds like Desert Boots: roughly the same models were part of the arsenal of British soldiers during the Second World War in Egypt. Desert - it's convenience and style , multiplied by functionality. These boots fit perfectly in casual and sporty style, and will also be an ideal addition to a business casual suit.
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