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Means for caring for the beard. Must have for the bearded

You grow a beard - learn to control it. Beard should not grow as she pleases. To do this, you need special care products and a little patience

You grow a beard - learn to control it. Beard should not grow as she pleases. To do this, you need special care products and a little patience. 

"What has grown, it has grown" is not about those who follow their style. If you want to be in a trend and do not look ridiculous, watch your beard. A basic set is enough - it's balm (or wax) and butter. 

Balm for the beard

If even 5 years ago there was a problem with the choice, today there is no problem. There are many good balsams on the market. Choose those from natural products, in their composition - beeswax, shea butter (karite), coconut oil, grape seed oil, jojoba, castor oil and other useful ingredients . 

And buy balsams of those producers who have been in the market for a long time. For example, there are guys who started making money for a beard about 6 years ago, when there was no fashion for it. They created a line for themselves, and now sell to the rest. Such producers are guided by the principle - to do for others as for themselves. They can be trusted. 

How to use balm?

1. For a 5-centimeter beard, enough volume is the size of a pea. Distribute the product by hand on the length of the hair, not forgetting about the inner part of the beard. 

2. Then comb the comb. Use the comb with even teeth (better wooden). Comb not only from the top to the bottom, but also from the bottom up, to thoroughly penetrate the hairs. Do not do this with pressure - so that the teeth go through the skin, it's harmful, be softer. Finish combing through the growth of hair - from the temple to the tips.

You can use wax for styling, but the wax is not suitable for daily use. Balm can be applied every day - there is a wax in the composition that helps to lay the beard, but in addition the balm contains vitamin E and other useful trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the hair and skin. Plus, it's protection from external negative influences: exhaust, ultraviolet, wind, dust and so on. 

With the constant use of balm, the beard acquires a well-groomed appearance - it looks good and smells good.  

If the beard does not grow as it should

Some beard is not thick enough, or hairs grow unevenly. If this is due to negligent care, then the problem can be solved. It is enough to comb correctly the beard, stimulating the hair follicles. This is called "teaching the beard to grow" - when you constantly comb your beard in the right direction, using oils and modeling tools, the situation improves. Strange as it sounds, but the beard "accustoms" to the correct trajectory. 

If the cause of improper growth is associated with genes, then there is nothing to fix, and do not believe the tales of magic elixirs and balms, they will not help, it's better to shave off. 

How to straighten a beard

It happens that the beard grows up to 4 centimeters straight, and then wraps up or starts curling. If you want to straighten your beard, then you can do this:

Straightening with a hairdryer


Wash your beard, gently wipe with a towel (dipping movements). Then brush in the right direction.  Step 


Take the hair dryer. If there is a special nozzle for leveling the hair (with a lot of flexible teeth), it's cool. If not, take one whose output is as narrow as possible, since it is necessary to start a stream of air in a certain direction. Comb and dry your beard. If there are no baits, then pull out the comb and dry it the same way.

Straightening ironing

If the hair dryer does not help, then take a special hair iron. Just do not try to dry them, as the drops will boil and evaporate, and this is harmful to the hair. After washing, the beard must dry itself or dry it with a hairdryer. Then straighten with an iron. Mode choose depending on the thickness of the hair and structure, do not need to put a maximum, start with the minimum mode. Clamp the strand ironing and lead in the desired direction from top to bottom. 

For beginners. If the beard grows unevenly, then just wait - it will look better when it grows a little. And do not complex, most men do. The luminaries are gradually covered up.

Oil for the beard

No matter how sparing the beard's straightening, it's still harmful to the hair. So do not forget about nutrition. For this, there are balms and oils with vitamins and minerals. The main purpose of oils is to soften and nourish hair, to make them more obedient, to give shine and aroma, and also to stimulate the growth of hair bulbs (much is said about this, but this is not proved!).

The market now has a large choice of means, but if you want not only food, but also a classy aroma, you can see the classic Borodist beard oil . In the flacon 30 ml. It seems that little, but enough for 3-4 months, if used 1-2 times a day after washing (1-2 drops on clean hands and rubbed into the skin). It is not necessary to wash your beard more often, it is harmful, because natural oils are washed away. 

When using oils and balms, the beard becomes obedient, softer, easier to lay down. Actually, for this means and created - to make life with a beard easier and more pleasant. 

Some manufacturers claim that good oils and balms contribute to the growth of the beard. It is a myth. The beard is not cabbage, but the oil is not fertilizer. All cosmetics are only helpers in proper care, and not magic means for growth and density. 

Must have

To properly care for the beard, a lot of money is not necessary. It's enough 3 things: good oil, wax (or balm) and a comb. They fit in such a case.

The case is made of oak, it has special compartments for balsam (or wax), oil and mini-comb. Actually, this is all you need to care for your beard. Omnia mea mecum porto, as the bearded Romans said - "I carry my everything with me." If you want an impeccable beard, use advice. 

The material is prepared on the basis of a review of professional cosmetic products Pro-cosmetics .

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