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People choose companions of life similar to themselves

A person subconsciously searches for the second half with the same height, weight and other parameters

Australian experts have come to the conclusion that people often choose their "twins" - partners who are most similar to them. What happens at the genetic level - a person subconsciously looking for the other half with the same height, weight and other parameters.

Experts from the Australian University of Queensland conducted a detailed analysis of genetic databases, having studied the information on the physical parameters of 24 thousand pairs of spouses born in Europe. Further, scientists identified the genetic markers of their specific features, including height and body mass index. As it turned out, knowing the genetic markers, indicating the growth of one of the partners, it is possible to predict the growth of another with amazing accuracy. As for the body mass index, the statistical data here are less accurate.

According to scientists, Homo sapiens also actively involve assortative mating - they enter into an intimate relationship with such individuals. In the scientific world, it is commonly believed that such a principle contributes to preserving in the population those traits that are especially important for survival, and it is through them that partners choose each other.

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