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10 fashionable men's haircuts of 2017

 We offer you Top-11 fashion haircuts for any length of hair. With their help, anyone will turn into an interesting, elegant, modern man

Long gone are the times when the representatives of the stronger sex could not even dream of the variety of men's haircuts modern fashion offers them now. Currently, men can choose any hairstyle according to their age, appearance and status. 

We offer you Top-11 fashion haircuts for any length of hair. With their help, anyone will turn into an interesting, elegant, modern man. 

Boxing and semi-box

These haircuts were always in fashion. Classical, comfortable in everyday life, hair, fit any shape of the face and head. 

Known owner of a hairstyle:  Channing Tatum, Wentworth Miller. 


This haircut-transformer was conceived as sporting. It is convenient in everyday life. This haircut can easily be tousled, giving the appearance of "artistic" disorder, and you can smoothly comb it. 

The famous owner of the haircut:  Chris Evans, Ben Affleck. Britannica Another undying trend - a haircut British. This elegant man's haircut came to us from Britain. Magnificent hair, short whiskey and even clear parting will give you an image of a stylish football player. The famous owner of the haircut: David Beckham, Justin Timberlake. Cascade Naturally, long hair will also be fashionable in 2017. But they need to give a neat, attractive form, which can be done with the help of a "cascade". Known owner of a hairstyle:

Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron. Canadian Canadian hockey players from the times of the Soviet Union contributed to the development of the fashion industry of men's hairstyles. They became its legislators. This hairstyle is a smoothly combed hair with light, natural negligence. Canada is especially suited to a man in the prime of life - gives courageous and easy brutality. The famous owner of the haircut:  Chris Pine, Ryan Gosling. Undercut Nothing complicated, but very fashionable and modern. On each side and behind it is short, from above moderately long. Gives the appearance of impudence and masculinity. The famous owner of the haircut: Brad Pitt, Nick Worcester. Top-knot

We can say that a male bunch with cut temples is an elongated undercut. You need to have the patience and the courage to decide on such a hairstyle. It is necessary to wait, when the hair on the vertex will grow and collect them in a bun. Fashionable, exquisite and stylish. And the most daring and stylish - they also let go of the beard. This is a good combination. The main requirement for this hairstyle is impeccably trimmed whiskey, nape and sides. 

Known owner of a hairstyle:  Colin Farrell. Male bunch Long hair gathered in a knot - this man's hairdo is borrowed from the girls. However, radically changing the idea of ​​the male fashion haircuts. The well-known owner of a hairstyle: eonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto. Classical man's haircut


The concept of "classic" speaks for itself - always fashionable, relevant and beautiful. This ordinary haircut will make a more modern only a few fresh strokes. 

The famous owner of the haircut: Gerard Butler, George Clooney. "Under zero"Haircut "under zero" is a popular men's haircut, which is good for its versatility, ease of implementation, as well as material economy. The famous owner of the haircut: Bruce Willis, Jason Statham.

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