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How to overcome anger? 5 working methods

Anger is a natural emotional state of a person, but if you do not try to restrain it, it can easily spoil the most good relations between people. And a regular manifestation of negative emotions can soon lead to various diseases

Anger is a natural emotional state of a person, but if you do not try to restrain it, it can easily spoil the most good relations between people.Of course, for most people, restraint is their character trait.But anyone can restrain their negative emotions. 

Multiple studies indicate that anger can negatively affect not only the relationship, but also the health of people. It can cause many diseases. People who react angrily to objects of irritation, are more likely than others to have heart disease. It happens that anger and emotional reaction help resolve any issues. However, if such a method is often used, others may become accustomed to such a reaction, and will not pay attention to it. This once again proves the benefit of controlling your emotions. 

Firefighters, before dealing with the causes of fire, try to put out the fire more quickly. No wonder they say that the outbreak of negative emotions is like a fire. The first thing to do is to extinguish it quickly. How to cope with sudden anger and negative emotions? Here are some simple tips.

1. Try to be silent

Anger overtakes a man suddenly. Just now everything was calm, discussing current issues, and suddenly the interlocutors start shouting, insulting each other. As soon as you feel the first signs of anger, immediately stop. You can even cut yourself off in mid-sentence, without arranging the phrase to the end. Remember that irritation only aggravates the situation. Ridiculously said phrases do not contribute to the correct solution of the problem. Shut up and think what is best to say to the other person. What kind of situation is better for words and expressions.

2. Relax

The physiological "task" of anger is to provide the body with additional energy in the current critical situation. Hormones give strength to the muscles, increasing the chances of victory in the struggle for survival. However, anger feeds itself, muscle tension increases the flow of hormones. In order to tame emotions, it is necessary to break this vicious circle. Try to relax and relieve tension. And in this very much any exercise or load will help. Dumbbells, squats, yoga - all the same. The main thing is relaxation and rest. 

3. Take a deep breath

The deeper you breathe, the faster and better you will relax. Breathe intensively, and you for the time being forget about the unpleasant conversation and regain control of yourself. Take a deep breath through your nose, then hold your breath and exhale through your mouth. And so - until you become calmer and better. 

4. Consider

This method is often used to fall asleep more quickly. It is also very effective in irritation and anger. The bill distracts the brain and makes it work better. You can count up to 10 or 100 to yourself, in a whisper or out loud. The main thing is to cope with emotions.  

5. Take a walk

Walking in the fresh air will help you cope with negative emotions. Changing the situation, a breath of fresh air in the park - this is what you need in this situation. The surrounding nature will distract you from the negative and help you to look sensibly at the problem. 

In life, we often come across different situations. Often on the street, we can hear angry remarks afterwards. Or, being at work, we can not contain our own emotions. Psychologists strongly recommend to keep themselves in hand, learn to manage their emotions. Follow these tips and your life will change for the better. It will become much calmer, more comfortable and more pleasant. 

And how do you cope with bouts of anger? Share your experience in the comments.

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