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How to choose clothes for a man: the main rules of men's dress code

Not to be mistaken with the choice of a jacket, shirt, tie and belt - learn the advice of an expert on style. 

Strong sex lucky: men's fashion is conservative. And this means that men, in order to dress well, it is enough to once and for all learn a few unwise rules. How to choose clothes for a man - we were told by stylist-image maker, style expert Alexander Belov.

To look decent, a man needs to choose the following 5 basic wardrobe elements correctly: 
1) shirt 
2) jacket 
3) belt 
4) pants 
5) shoes 

And if the choice of pants with shoes is always individual, then for the rest, you can formulate general rules.

1. The shape of the collar should be chosen based on the features of the face. If you have it narrow, it is better to have a pointed collar. And if wide - prefer obtuse angles. 

2. Choose a shirt color to match your skin color. If the shirt is brighter than you, it will emphasize all defects. For example, make visually more visible bags under the eyes. 

3. Estimate the shirt size correctly. First, look at whether shoulder seams are in place. Secondly, pay attention to the length of the sleeves. When the hand is lowered - the sleeve should be slightly below the wrist.

1. It is important to choose the right jacket for size. Notice how the shoulder seam lays. Be sure to check the length of the sleeve - it should be such that the shirt cuffs are peeking out. 

2. Match the color of the jacket, depending on where you intend to wear it. For example, to work - gray, to the club - blue, to the yacht club - white, etc. 

3. Pay attention to the texture and pattern of the fabric. They need to be selected for the season and situation. 

4. Lapels should be in harmony with facial features. If the face is narrow, pick up pointed lapels. If wide - then the lapels, respectively, should be wider than usual. 

5. Look at the number of buttons. If you are not tall, let them be 1-2, not more. And, if there are more than two buttons, then the bottom should always be stretched. This is the rule of etiquette!

6. The number of vents (cuts) and their position should also be chosen for your type of figure. 

7. Pay attention to the shape of the pockets. They can add unnecessary volume in the abdomen. 

8. If the jacket has elbow pads, they set the tone for all other elements of the image. For example, if the armrests are brown, then both shoes and accessories should also be in brown colors.

1. The width of the tie to choose the width of the face. The wider the face, the wider the tie. And vice versa. In addition, the width of the tie should correspond to the area of work of the man. Broad ties are more suitable for bureaucrats and businessmen, narrower ones for representatives of creative specialties. 

2. The color of the tie should be chosen for your color type. If your hair is dark and your skin is light, then it is better to buy a contrasting tie, for example, dark blue, burgundy, emerald. If your hair is blond, you should give preference to gray, beige and other muted colors.

3. It is important to match a tie with a suit. First of all, with a shirt. They must be in harmony with each other. For example, if the shirt is white and the jacket is dark blue, then the tie should be a rich color. And if the rest of the outfit is light shades, then you should choose a pastel tie, muted color.

1. You need to clearly know why you need a belt - for trousers or jeans. Its width depends on it: for trousers - 2-3 cm, for jeans - 4-5 (+ more massive buckle). 

2. The color of the belt should be in harmony with the color of other accessories. For example, if the belt is brown, then it is desirable that socks and shoes be in the same range. 

3. The length of the belt is determined by the number of holes in it. Usually there are 5 of them. It is important that you can fasten the belt to the third, maximum, fourth hole. 

4. Buckle should not be fanciful. Bad tone - brand logo on a buckle the size of a fist. The buckle is also worth choosing under the shape of the face. If the face has more smooth lines, choose a buckle in the shape of an oval or circle. If there are more sharp, graphic lines, it is better to give preference to rectangular or triangular buckles.

How to choose a belt: video instruction 
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