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How to prepare yourself for the exam

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" together with schoolchildren feels the approach of the examination period and offers several options how to prepare for the USE from scratch in a month

Only two months left before the start of the USE. It is clear that drastically changing the situation during this time will not work out - if a child has studied for three years in three, it's silly to expect that he will get all 100 points on a single exam. However, there are several techniques for getting the maximum result for yourself.

1. Practice in real conditions
To understand which topics in which subjects you should focus on, you should pass a mock exam. This can be done online - for example, Yandex has a special service for passing the EGE and OGE (this is the final exam in grade 9) in some subjects. 

In addition, in many cities now there are Independent Diagnostic Centers , where you can enroll for mock exams in any subject. For example, check your strength in the format of the EGE will be worth 1380 rubles. These results are not counted in admission to universities, but the child will be able to go through the whole procedure, including metal detectors, security guards, surveillance cameras and access to the toilet only with the attendant. It is useful for those who are afraid of being overly nervous on the current USE and those who still expect to carry the phone into the classroom.

But more importantly, these are results. They indicate in which topics there are gaps, what should be put on before the exam. Unfortunately, school teachers are not always able to give such an individual recommendation to each child. 

If there is no opportunity to pass a trial exam, then you can look at the most common mistakes that other students make. The exam developers have compiled a list of the most common "jambs" in all subjects - it can be found on the website of the Federal Institute for Educational Measurements (FIPI).

2. Go beyond the usual
In addition to patching holes in knowledge, it is worth thinking about new heights. For example, many guys do not take on the "Olympiad" tasks in physics and mathematics, and focus on more simple tasks. But it is not worthwhile to “score” on complex tasks even to troechnik students — they will not give extra points for an incorrect answer, but they will not even fine them. 

A lot of Internet resources are devoted to the analysis of olympiad tasks and essay topics. You can start with a video consultation, which are posted on the Youtube channelRosobrnadzor. There the experts tell in detail what tasks they will meet at the exam, and how to prepare for them better. And for practicing skills it is worth looking into the open task bank of the Unified State Exam. There are lined up questions, including this year. 

In addition, specialists FIPI prepared the wholeA series of publications to prepare for each of the subjects is the most if the head is already cracking from textbooks.

3. Clarify criteria
In English schools, where students also take a single final exam, there is a golden rule - "Always give the monkey what she asks." If a monkey asks for a banana, you must give it a banana, it asks for an orange - you must give it an orange. That is, you must carefully read the terms of the assignment and write in the answer exactly what the examiners want to see. 

In addition, it is worth once again to see the criteria for evaluating the USE of this year. Every year they change a little bit, some new tasks are added, the requirements for the works are specified. In order not to be trapped, it is better to understand in advance what the monkey wants. You can see the criteria in the same place - on the FIPI website .

4. Air out your head and go for a walk.
Very many guys get points lower than they could, just because of the nerves. Sometimes you just need to put aside books and notebooks to the side and go for a walk to give information to lie down in your head. 

We recall biology: you can study hard and shove a huge amount of knowledge at a time. But unfolding and learning this information occurs in the process of rest and sleep. That is why students can pass all exams on the fives, and after that, not even a line of what they have learned can be remembered - because the whole session does not sleep at night.

In general, it is crucial to switch to some other occupation - that is, not to replace the textbook with another book, and not to switch from the video lecture to the social network. And go for a walk, meet friends, get out somewhere. A teenager will not learn something fundamentally new in these few hours, but his head will be fresh and his nerves will stop being naughty.
5. Parents, exhale
Most often, the atmosphere is heated by moms and dads - it is clear that they are worried about the future of the child. But 40 points in mathematics does not mean that the child will work all his life as a janitor and die alone. In order to worry less about this, you should immediately consider several options for all occasions: where to apply, if the results are not so good, look at colleges (they are on the rise, by the way) and think about where you can work and gain useful experience. The EGE is not the most important exam in life, and its results are not at all a guarantee of further happiness.VIEW OF TEENAGER 
"The last couple of years at school is impaired" 

Natalia Mielke, a student of class 10 Moscow school

last year or two in school depreciates because learning is transformed into a solution of USE options. We are simply being trained to perform tasks, and nothing more. 

In addition, to solve these same options, you need to buy special benefits, that is, they make money on the USE. And in bookstores, we can often find a bunch of unnecessary books that often simply duplicate each other without offering quality material. For example, in the exam on English, Russian students are offered to work with text written for British students, and this is beyond the power of a Russian-speaking teenager.

At the same time, paints are gathering around this exam and creating a stressful atmosphere. We are very much intimidated by the USE, all from teachers to parents. Many people think that if they do not surrender, the end of the world will happen for them. Security cameras and metal detectors are really scary, it becomes scary to make an extra move. But it is somewhat reassuring that the exam is evaluated by independent experts, and not by an evil teacher, who will lower the grade because of a personal relationship. I think many people get poor results simply because they do not take responsibility for preparing themselves.скачать dle 12.1

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