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Visa-free countries for Russians

Are you tired of working life and you wanted to dramatically change the situation? We are talking about visa-free countries for Russians, in which you can break in 2019 at any time.
There is always a solution, even if you do not have a visa in the passport. The problem in this case may be the absence of one or another visa in the passport. Fortunately, there are many different countries on the globe where free entry is allowed for Russians. The service of offline maps and navigation MAPS.ME found visa-free countries in almost every corner of the world, from near abroad to regions across the ocean.

Southeast Asia: ThailandThailand is the most win-win and obvious choice for those who want to immediately fall into unconditional summer from winter. The rainy season in the country has already ended, the weather is excellent, the waters of the Pacific Ocean are gentle and hospitable than ever, security is at a decent level. Of the minuses, you can only call a long flight (7-10 hours, depending on the region of departure). You only need to decide on what you want from the rest, and depending on this plan a tour. Many people choose mainland Pattaya - swimming in the ocean will not work, but there is enough entertainment in the spirit of Southeast Asia: performances with crocodiles and snakes, trips to the jungle overnight in floating houses, famous transvestite shows (where without). Pattaya is endless parties and nightclubs. Lovers of a more relaxing holiday and those who cannot imagine a vacation without ocean waves,

Russians are open visa-free entry for a month. 

Alternatives: Vietnam (15 days, from the previous entry into the country must pass at least 30 days, return ticket), Philippines (30 days, return ticket, money), Indonesia (30 days at entry through a number of approved ports and airports, return ticket, hotel reservation or confirmation of financial solvency). 

Latin America: ArgentinaThe atmosphere of endless carnival and rhythms of salsa are the countries of Latin, or as it is more often called, Indian American. Do you want to dance all night long, meet the best coffee on the planet in the morning, and spend your days in educational excursions - you are here. This direction is not suitable for those who like an inexpensive passive vacation on the beach (for this it is better to go to Southeast Asia). The region for the most part attracts wealthy active travelers who are ready to walk kilometers along the Inca and Mayan paths to see firsthand the monuments of an ancient mysterious civilization, as well as famous waterfalls, salt lakes and other wonders of nature. 

Citizens of the Russian Federation may enter Argentina without a visa for up to 90 days, you must have a return ticket and money, which is enough for the duration of your stay in the country.

Alternatives: Peru, Brazil, Venezuela (common visa conditions for these countries: 90 days, return ticket, hotel reservation, money). 

Near Abroad: GeorgiaHigh, high in the mountains ... A wonderful country is spread - Georgia! This direction made a small revolution in Russian tourism in 2017. More and more compatriots are tempted to visit this hospitable land. Here, all holidays are celebrated not only for the sake of tourists, but in our opinion, for real - with a noisy feast, songs and toastmaster. In winter, it is still sunny in Georgia, the weather beckons to stroll through the streets of Old Tbilisi, enjoying the way in small wine shops and looking at Christmas market souvenirs. You can warm up in the famous Tbilisi sulfur baths. 

Russians can enter Georgia by passport for up to a year. Nuance - entry through Abkhazia and North Ossetia is prohibited. 

Alternatives: Abkhazia (90 days, possible without a passport), Armenia (indefinitely, a passport of the Russian Federation is enough). 
More and more compatriots are tempted to visit the hospitable Georgian land. 
Photo: Ivan VISLOVEastern Europe: SerbiaSerbia attracts tourists from Russia with inexpensive skiing and wide opportunities in terms of recreational recreation. This option is suitable for those who want to relax abroad, taking with them the older generation in the face of grandmothers and grandfathers. While elderly relatives bask in the hot springs, the rest of the household, including children, can master simple trails with the help of Russian-speaking instructors at quite reasonable prices. 

Entry to Serbia is visa free for up to 30 days. Insurance at the border does not require, but if you plan to get up on skis, you need to issue it. 

Alternative: Macedonia (90 days, insurance, money), Bosnia and Herzegovina (30 days, return ticket, original travel agency voucher or invitation), Montenegro (90 days). 

Caribbean: CubaПровести отпуск на Острове Свободы – что может быть романтичней? Пляжи, жаркое солнце, чувственная сальса, ром и сигары – идеальный антураж для влюбленной молодой пары или одиночки, считающего себя немного Хемингуэем. Воспевать Кубу – дело нехитрое: ее завлекательный образ прочно утвердился в умах путешественников со всего мира. Кстати, этот тропический социалистический рай – еще и отличное место для снорклинга и дайвинга, так что не забудьте камеру для подводной съемки. Из минусов можно назвать долгий перелет (12 часов из Москвы) и тот факт, что отдых здесь с учетом стоимости перелета далеко не бюджетный. 

Гражданам РФ виза на Кубу не требуется. На границе нужно будет заполнить две миграционные карты, предъявить обратный билет и в случае необходимости – денежные средства из расчета 50 долл./сутки на человека. 

Alternative: Dominican Republic (30 days, return ticket), Antigua and Barbuda (30 days, return ticket, money), Barbados (28 days, return ticket, voucher or hotel booking, money). 
Spend a vacation on Liberty Island - what could be more romantic? Photo: EAST NEWSMiddle East: IsraelA trip to Israel has several obvious advantages: a short flight (within four hours), warm weather, the possibility of combining a powerful excursion with swimming in water. Israel in this regard is ideal due to its many faces: here everyone will find a rest to their liking. Diving and snorkeling, walks in the mountains - this is Eilat on the Red Sea; the shrines of the three Abrahamic religions - Jerusalem; treatment and recreation - resorts of the Dead Sea; parties and contemporary art - Tel Aviv. 

To enter Israel for a period of up to 90 days, you must have a return ticket, a medical policy, as well as a hotel reservation or voucher. 

Alternatives: Jordan (40 dinars or free of charge - via Aqaba, 30 days, voucher or hotel reservation), Morocco (90 days, migration card), UAE (30 days, hotel reservation or voucher, return ticket). 

Africa: KenyaKenya is one of the most developed tourist countries on the continent, which makes it possible to enjoy two types of recreation at once: beach and sightseeing. You can spend a few days or weeks almost at the equator - in the capital Nairobi, with its bustling nightlife, restaurants and clubs. It is also the base for attacks in the national parks of Amboseli and Masai Mara, where you can see the famous African five: the lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo. The second half of the holiday can be devoted to snorkeling and scuba diving on the coral reefs of the Watamu Marine Reserve, washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

A visa to Kenya for Russians is issued upon arrival and costs $ 50. You can stay in the country for up to 90 days. At customs, they can ask for cash: each tourist should have $ 500 with them. 

Alternative: Tanzania ($ 50, 90 days, migration card, health questionnaire, availability $ 3.5 / day per person), Madagascar ($ 118, 90 days, return ticket), South Africa (90 days, return ticket).

Whatever corner of our beautiful planet you have gathered, no matter how crazy your mood is, do not forget about two important things that will help you avoid problems and keep a good mood. Firstly, it’s about insurance - you can get it in 10 minutes on the Internet, and secondly, on maps that will work fully and without the Internet, for example MAPS.ME, you can find the nearest hotel, cafe on the maps , hospital, bank, landmarks and other important objects, as well as to mark all points to visit. Enjoy your holiday!

List of visa-free countries for Russians in 2019

A countryVisaDays
AbkhaziaWithout a visa90 days
AzerbaijanWithout a visa90 days
AlbaniaNo visa (in summer season)90 days
Antigua and BarbudaWithout a visa30 days
ArgentinaWithout a visa90 days
ArmeniaWithout a visa
BahamasWithout a visa90 days
BangladeshVisa is issued at the border ($ 15)15 days
BarbadosWithout a visa28 days
BahrainVisa is issued at the border ($ 25)14 days
BelorussiaWithout a visa
Bosnia and HerzegovinaWithout a visa30 days
BoliviaWithout a visa (facilitated entry regime is possible only when making a visa online)90 days
BotswanaWithout a visa30 days
BrazilWithout a visa90 days
BurundiVisa is issued at the border ($ 40 / $ 90)30/60 days
VanuatuWithout a visa90 days
VenezuelaWithout a visa90 days
East TimorVisa is issued at the border ($ 30)30 days
VietnamWithout a visa15 days
GuyanaWithout a visa90 days
GambiaVisa is issued at the border90 days
GuatemalaWithout a visa90 days
HondurasWithout a visa90 days
Hong KongWithout a visa14 days
GrenadaWithout a visa90 days
GeorgiaWithout a visa360 days
DjiboutiVisa is issued at the border ($ 90)30 days
DominicaWithout a visa21 day
DominicanaWithout a visa30 days
EgyptVisa is issued at the border ($ 25)30 days
ZambiaVisa is issued at the border ($ 50)90 days
Western SamoaVisa is issued at the border60 days
ZimbabweVisa is issued at the border ($ 30 / $ 100)30/90 days
IsraelWithout a visa90 days
IndonesiaWithout a visa30 days
JordanVisa is issued at the border (40 dinars)30 days
IranVisa is issued at the border (60 euros)30 days
Cape VerdeVisa is issued at the border (25 euros)30 days
KazakhstanWithout a visa
CambodiaVisa is issued at the border ($ 30)30 days
KenyaVisa is issued at the border ($ 50)90 days
KyrgyzstanWithout a visa
ColombiaWithout a visa90 days
ComorosVisa is issued at the border (60 euros)45 days
Costa RicaWithout a visa30 days
PRC (only. Hainan / Beijing / Shanghai) *Visa is issued at the border ($ 69/0/0)15/72 hours
CubaWithout a visa30 days
KuwaitVisa is issued at the border ($ 20)30 days
LaosWithout a visa15 days
LebanonVisa is issued at the border90 days
MauritiusWithout a visa60 days
MadagascarVisa is issued at the border ($ 118)90 days
MacauWithout a visa30 days
MacedoniaWithout a visa90 days
MalaysiaWithout a visa30 days
MaldivesWithout a visa30 days
MoroccoWithout a visa90 days
MicronesiaWithout a visa30 days
MozambiqueVisa is issued at the border ($ 66)30 days
MoldaviaWithout a visa
MongoliaWithout a visa30 days
MyanmarVisa is issued at the border ($ 20 / $ 50) (only in the summer season)28 days
NamibiaWithout a visa90 days
NauruWithout a visa14 days
NepalVisa is issued at the border ($ 25 / $ 100)15/90 days
NicaraguaWithout a visa90 days
UAEVisa is issued at the border30 days
Cook IslandsWithout a visa31 days
PalauVisa is issued at the border ($ 130)30 days
PanamaWithout a visa90 days
ParaguayWithout a visa90 days
PeruWithout a visa90 days
PitcairnVisa issued at the border (44 pounds)14 days
SalvadorWithout a visa90 days
Sao Tome and PrincipeVisa is issued at the border ($ 100)30 days
SwazilandWithout a visa30 days
Northern Mariana IslandsWithout a visa45 days
SeychellesWithout a visa30 days
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesWithout a visa30 days
Saint LuciaWithout a visa
Saint Kitts and NevisWithout a visa
SerbiaWithout a visa30 days
SyriaVisa is issued at the border ($ 20)15 days
TajikistanWithout a visa
ThailandWithout a visa30 days
TanzaniaVisa is issued at the border ($ 50)90 days
TogoThe visa is issued at the border ($ 30-80)7 days
TongaVisa is issued at the border31 days
TuvaluVisa is issued at the border30 day
TurkmenistanVisa is issued at the border ($ 155)10 days
Trinidad and TobagoWithout a visa90 days
TunisiaWithout a visa90 days
TurkeyWithout a visa60 days
UgandaVisa is issued at the border ($ 50 / $ 200)90/180 days
UzbekistanWithout a visa
UkraineWithout a visa90 days
UruguayWithout a visa90 days
FijiWithout a visa90 days
PhilippinesWithout a visa30 days
CARVisa is issued at the border ($ 40)7 days
MontenegroWithout a visa90 days
ChileWithout a visa90 days
Sri LankaVisa is issued at the border30 days
EcuadorWithout a visa90 days
EritreaVisa is issued at the border ($ 50)30 days
EthiopiaVisa is issued at the border ($ 50)30 days
South KoreaWithout a visa60 days
South OssetiaWithout a visa
South AfricaWithout a visa90 days
JamaicaWithout a visa30 days
Visa-free entry on group lists of certain travel agencies, as well as visa-free transit through many airports .скачать dle 12.1

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