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Where to go for Easter in 2020

Map service MAPS. ME prepared for Muscovites a list of places to go to relax on Easter in 2020
A vacation is a little life, and a weekend is a little vacation. Thus, if you try, you can turn any weekend into a fascinating, eventful period of time, the impressions of which are enough for a long time. At least until the "real" vacation. We have selected for you five options for weekend tours from Moscow - with different programs and budgets. 

Let's agree at once: we are tired of winter, and therefore we will not advise you ski resorts or dog sledding in deep snowy Karelia. Consider options for a trip to the near south and in the suburbs.

On holy placesLent is coming to an end, Easter on the nose is an excellent reason to feel the atmosphere of holy places, of which there are many around Moscow. Trying to bypass everything in a weekend tour is like embracing the immense. You can stay, for example, on Murom and Diveevo. The first is famous for its epics, picturesque views of the Oka, ancient houses with intricate wood carvings. Must see in Murom - a monument to Ilya Muromets, the Trinity Convent with the relics of Saints Peter and Fevronia, the Transfiguration Monastery, the Museum of the Small Hermitage, the Muromgrad exhibition center.

Pro Diveevo heard a lot - this is an amazing place where pilgrims from all over the country flock. There is something in the local air that returns children's faith in miracles and brings tranquility to a restless soul: an Orthodox person will say that this is divine grace, and the esoteric calls it cosmic energy. In any case, words can not describe - it is better to go and feel for yourself. 

You can go on a weekend tour on your own, having previously booked a hotel (for example, in Murom - prices for accommodation in a double room start from 1,500 rubles). Guides around the city can be found on the Internet (from 3000 rubles for a small group). If you drive your car, the best route will help you build a reliable navigator application MAPS.ME, where, by the way, you can pre-mark all the sights that you want to visit.

Also in the weekend tour of Murom and Diveevo, you can go as part of an organized group. The trip will cost about 5,500 rubles. per person, including bus, guide and hotel for one night with breakfast.

Diveevo is an amazing place where pilgrims from all over the country flock to. Photo: Vladimir Khodakov / Russian Look

Leap in time for Slavophiles

To everyone who is delighted with the history of ancient Rus of pre-Mongol times - the fresh youth of our country, not tinged with centuries of suffering and hardship, its carefree childhood, we recommend choosing the direction of Suzdal - Vladimir. 

Suzdal carefully preserves the heritage of ancient Russia, its authenticity. It is imperative to explore the Kremlin and old churches with voiced bells, especially the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. Of the required places - the Museum of wooden architecture in the open, Bogolyubsky and Efimiev monasteries. 

Vladimir - the ancient capital of North-Eastern Russia - strikes with the beauty of its white-stone architecture. There are many original sights - for example, the Borodins Forge, where you can take a forging lesson from a real blacksmith (for a bargain price, of course).

The tourist visit card of the city is the Golden Gate, the Dmitrievsky Cathedral, the Assumption Cathedral, the Crystal, Lacquer Miniature and Embroidery Museum, as well as the Gingerbread Museum, where you can participate in a master class on its own (gingerbread) painting. 

Accommodation in hotels of Suzdal will cost 2500 rubles, along with breakfast for two, plus everywhere you will have to pay entrance fees to museums and excursions. If you go in an organized group, the bus tour Moscow - Suzdal - Vladimir - Moscow with a guide and overnight will cost about 5,500 rubles. per person.Suzdal carefully preserves the heritage of ancient Russia, its authenticity. Photo: Serguei Fomine / Russian Look

Two dark nights in the city of SochiIt’s easy to go to Sochi: lots of hotels and hostels, relatively cheap flights (there is a very convenient return flight - early Monday morning, so you can go to the office right away), as well as a sea of ​​organized tours. The flight and two days in a 3 * hotel with breakfast on the voucher from the tour operator cost 16 thousand rubles per person. If you book yourself, a ticket for a low-cost airline will cost at least 6 thousand rubles. per person, and accommodation in a double room with breakfast and swimming pool - an average of 7 thousand (for two days).

What to do in Sochi: swim in the pool (heated), sunbathe; walk along the arboretum, have a picnic on the shore of the pond, feed the ducks; ride the cable car; inhale the sea air, making a promenade along the long embankment from the Naval Station to Pushkin Avenue. In one of the weekends, it is imperative to go out of town to admire the waterfalls and mountains (Agurskoe Gorge, Big and Small Akhun, Eagle Rocks). From the mountain Big Akhun a spectacular panorama opens up, especially if you climb the observation tower. Fans of adrenaline will be interested in skypark, where you can jump from the highest bungee in Europe (200 m) or ride on a swing with a span of 170 m.
In Sochi, many beautiful views and you can always find rest for the soul. Photo: Aleksey Bychkov / Global Look Press

Tbilisi: wine and castlesIf we have already been given a chance to live “a little life” on a short journey, then let it take place in such an atmospheric place as the capital of Georgia. Tbilisi is a city on the hills through which the picturesque Kura River flows. The old quarters of the city are interspersed with zones of modern buildings, so that no matter where you settle down, history will always be next door. In the Old Town it is good to walk, looking into the souvenir shops and wine shops, where, of course, you will be offered to taste a glass or two. Excursion minimum in Tbilisi is Narikala fortress, Metekhskaya church, Sioni Cathedral, Anchiskhat basilica, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Tsminda Sameba complex, sulfur baths quarter and cable car.

Private tours in Tbilisi and beyond are widely represented on the Internet. You can order both on foot and by car, which, of course, will cost more. For example, a walking tour for a small group will cost 5 thousand rubles. As for the vouchers from the tour operator, a two-day program with accommodation in a hotel costs from 12 thousand rubles. per person (including a guide, but excluding air tickets - you will have to pay about 15 thousand for them).
The capital of Georgia is a very atmospheric place. Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Russian Look
Heart of TranscaucasiaArmenia is another neighboring country, where you can easily go on a weekend. Cultural, architectural, and also gastronomic impressions are guaranteed! If we are talking about a short trip, then this is, of course, Yerevan. Arriving in the capital of the state on Friday evening, you can quickly explore the city sights - Cascade, Republic Square, and afterwards pay tribute to the Armenian feast. It is better to take the Saturday for a trip to the Hellenistic temple of Garni and the Geghardavank monastery carved directly into the rock - both are UNESCO World Heritage sites. By the way, by the way, you can stop at the Charents arch, where you can enjoy a stunning view of the legendary Mount Ararat. Excursion, if ordered from a private guide, will cost about $ 70- $ 90.

On Sunday, you can continue walking through the center of the capital: St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, Northern Avenue, Opera House, Swan Lake, Charles Aznavour Square, Russia Square, Blue Mosque (there are many pedestrian routes in Yerevan on MAPS.ME). And, of course, shopping. At the weekend, the center opens the Vernissage flea market, where you can buy interesting handicrafts made of wood, silver, semi-precious stones. The Tashir market is more popular - here you have to go for spices, baklava, churchkhela, nuts, honey and dried fruit.

Is it possible to save money if you plan a trip to Armenia on your own? It is possible, but not much (about 10%). If there is no time for booking, buy a ready-made tour, which usually includes airport transfers, two-day hotel accommodation, breakfast or half board, several guided tours. For all you have to pay about 20 thousand rubles. (without a flight, ticket for a low-cost airline - another 11 thousand rubles).

Finally, a few tips: if you want to dock one day off for the weekend, then it’s better to take Monday instead of Friday (air tickets will be cheaper on average); fly low-cost airlines - you still won't need a lot of things for the weekend (and there will be less temptation to buy senseless bulky souvenirs). And finally, the third: if you eat without a guide, then build pedestrian routes in advance and save them in your smartphone so that you can navigate on the spot even without an internet connection. Have a great weekend!
In Armenia, you are guaranteed a lot of impressions for every taste! Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Russian Lookскачать dle 12.1

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