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Social networking makes people happier

Chatting with friends and acquaintances online is really useful - it relaxes a person and helps to improve his general well-being.

Scientists took up a detailed study of the characteristics of the human psyche, wanting to find out what kind of influence social networking has on people. As it turned out, chatting with friends and acquaintances online is really useful - it relaxes a person and helps to improve his general well-being.
Specialists from Carnegie Mellon University conducted a survey among 1910 volunteers from 90 countries of the world. First of all, the researchers wanted to find out what factors can make a person happy. As the results of the survey showed, sitting on the Internet in itself does not carry either meaning or benefit, especially when people simply flip through the tape, look at other people's photos, read posts and put “likes”.
It is quite another thing if a person directly participates in correspondence with other users of the social network, actively discussing something or just chatting on various topics, expressing his own opinion. Such a pastime has a really positive effect on him.
According to scientists, in order to feel an improvement in their own well-being, people need to receive about 60 messages from friends in social networks per month. At the same time, the length of the message does not play a special role: even if it consists of only a couple of lines, a person will still feel that he is important to his interlocutor. Letters containing words of support and approval serve as vivid reminders that they are not alone, they have like-minded people and everything is not as bad as it may seem at first glance. Thus, communication in social networks often prevents depression and significantly increases the level of satisfaction with one’s life.скачать dle 12.1

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