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Top 5 products that accelerate aging

Experts find out which products speed up the aging process and the worst way affect the appearance

Food affects people more than many people think. They can both harm and benefit. It all depends on what kind of food to eat. 

Experts found out what products accelerate the aging process and have a bad effect on appearance. 


After ingestion of sugar combines with proteins. This process is called glycation. At the same time, proteins lose some of their functions, which negatively affects the body's cells. 

Previously, scientists conducted a study in which they proved that the metabolism in cancer tumors strongly depends on the consumption of glucose (the form that sugar takes in the body). Cancer cells absorb sugar about 19 times faster than healthy cells, the researchers report. 

Sugar decreases the production of collagen and elastin by the body, as a result of which the skin begins to fade and wrinkles form.

Trans fat (margarine, fast food, bakery pastries, chips)

Products with trans fats worsen the condition of arteries and vessels. They narrow down, as a result of which oxygen and nutrients circulate through them worse. The skin loses its elasticity and its color deteriorates.


Salt retains a lot of fluid in the body. Because of it, swelling occurs, acne appears, and the skin becomes dull. Also slows down the metabolism. Excess salt in the diet will undoubtedly lead to these unpleasant consequences.

Refined oil

Refining (cleaning) of the oil removes from it not only relatively harmful components, but also useful ones. After the cleaning process in the oil remains vegetable fat and factory additives. 

The use of refined oil increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood and increases the oily skin. Also, the epidermis becomes prone to rashes, its color deteriorates.

Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol worsens the condition of the liver, removes beneficial antioxidants from the body and dehydrates it. After drinking alcohol, the skin becomes flabby and becomes unhealthy. Wrinkles may appear prematurely. 

Many use the listed foods without thinking about the consequences. 

But if you exclude them, positive results for health and appearance will not take long to wait. 

What products from this list would you refuse?скачать dle 12.1

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