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Experts told what vitamin prevents early aging

Scientists believe that the main cause of genetic changes that cause early aging is oxidative stress, which causes cell death.

Science does not stand still. Scientists are constantly developing methods of treating diseases that take human lives annually. One of these ailments is early aging. The experts managed to figure out why it occurs and how it can be dealt with. 

Representatives of science from the United States found out what vitamin prevents early aging, and also spoke about premature aging in children diagnosed with a rare genetic disease - progeria . And with the help of vitamin D, it is possible to reverse this process. 
According to scientists, the disease is characterized by a violation of the process of cell division and problems in the immune system. Symptoms of progeria most often manifest in children in 2 - 3 years. Muscles begin to atrophy, hair thin and fall out, skin becomes flabby, bones deteriorate. Such patients do not live long, and die most often due to dysfunction of the circulatory system. 

The disease develops due to the mutation of the LMNA gene encoding the protein Amin A, as a result of which the nucleus becomes unstable and the disease develops. It is worth noting that the instability of the nucleus leads to different mutational processes, causing not only premature aging, but oncological diseases. 

Representatives of science believe that the main cause of genetic changes that cause early aging, replicative (oxidative) stress, causing cell death. It appears when it is difficult to duplicate a gene. Such a process in patients with progeria is very difficult to stop. 

The destructive process in the body may win vitamin D . It improves the condition of the skin and hair, rejuvenates the cells, and also mitigates the effects of oxidative stress. 

Scientists believe that the study will help in the fight against a dangerous disease that has taken many lives. скачать dle 12.1

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