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What household items shorten manhood?

Scientists have studied some of the chemical components contained in household items, and came to a disappointing conclusion ...
Empowering the industry allows us to produce a large range of products. But this does not mean that all of it is of high quality and safe. 

Scientists have studied some chemical components and came to a disappointing conclusion. 

Representatives of science from Italy concluded that some chemical components of household items affect the size of the male member. Scientists have found that perfluorocarbons affect the amount of testosterone in the body. 

The result of the study was unexpected. The above chemical components may cause the genital organ to become thinner and even shorter . Such consequences may occur not only in children during the period of pregnancy of the mother. Negative effect is possible in adolescents. 

For information, experts examined the physiology of young male volunteers. The study involved 383 people. 

According to the study, in men who grew up in places with poor ecology, the penis is shorter by about 13% and 6% thinner compared to other men. Perfluorocarbons (PFCs)

have a particularly negative effect on men . They are contained in automotive glass cleaner liquids, in packages, plates and paper cups. Components found in water-repellent clothing and fire extinguishing foam. Perfluorocarbons are also found in some medicines, paints, cosmetics, cleansers.

In addition, substances may be present in some foods. In this case, they are especially dangerous, as they enter the bloodstream. 

Further study of the chemical scientists are planning to continue. However, their negative impact on men is already clear. 

To reduce the likelihood of negative consequences, it is best to read the composition of the product before purchase.скачать dle 12.1

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