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Tweed clothes - a relic of the past or timeless classics?

On the one hand, a tweed can look very stylish, but on the other - it evokes thoughts about something conservative, melancholic or long forgotten. However, even with such a background, tweed clothing is often a win-win choice.
Heavy and fuzzy woolen fabrics are associated with British aristocrats, university professors and cool autumn weather. Some people consider them old-fashioned, but practice shows that clothes made from such materials are still in good demand. 

Few men are tweed fans. This fabric is rough to the touch and looks like anything, just not super-modern. On the one hand, a tweed can look very stylish, but on the other - it evokes thoughts about something conservative, melancholic or long forgotten. However, even with such a background, tweed clothing is often a win-win choice, since it is unlikely that someone will get annoyed at the sight of a person wearing a tweed jacket or a tweed cap - also because tweed is often painted in sober and natural tones.

It is worth adding that, along with conservative and classical things, there are more original tweed products. This material is very popular among modern designers who make of it a wide variety of accessories, including bags, tablet cases, ties and other things. A relic of the past can’t be called; however banal it may sound, traditions are combined here with current trends.

Practitioners will certainly tell you that the appearance of the tweed is not as important as its properties are significant. Clothes made from this fabric can be not just warm, but also very warm; besides, it perfectly protects from wind and even from rain or snow. Wear resistance and durability are a couple of important advantages, which are complemented by resistance to the appearance of pollution. Of course, tweed gets dirty with the same speed as any other fabric, only due to its specific texture and non-uniform color, it is almost impossible to notice weak dirt on it. Strictly speaking, all these advantages allow to call a tweed an eternal classic: it is unlikely that humanity will decide voluntarily to abandon such a practical fabric.

The potential for compatibility of tweed items is wide, but not infinite. So, do not buy any tweed accessory with an eye on wearing with a strict business suit. Tweed harmonizes well with textured and thick materials, but it does not look good with thin smooth fabrics. It is not necessary to choose something completely conservative towards him; Jeans, for example, can go well with a tweed jacket.

The best shoes for tweed stuff are brogues, but often other shoes or boots are suitable for them; the main thing is that they are not too open or too formal (for example, loafers or moccasins are a bad choice, as well as strict oxfords without broghening). 

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Many texture fabrics are called tweed today, and sometimes this term is used not too correctly. It must be remembered that authentic tweed is always made from 100% wool; synthetics in its composition is unacceptable. Wool, however, is different; the characteristics of the raw materials affect the durability of the fabric and tactile sensations For example, a tweed from the wool of a Cheviot breed sheep is frankly rude and not very pleasant to the touch, but it is extremely durable. Shetland sheep give a different kind of wool - it makes a more pleasant fabric, but it serves a little less. Occasionally there is also a tweed from merino sheep wool, which can be beautiful, pleasant and durable. 

Harris / Cheviot


The country of manufacture can approximately determine the level of fabric. Tweed Scottish, Irish and English production is valued above all others; As a rule, it is a practical, warm and durable material. Italian tweed is usually different from the British and Irish, but may be worthy. Other options, of course, are also good, but it is worth treating them with great care. Connoisseurs always prefer Western European tweed fabrics; as a rule - from the British Isles. Perhaps the most famous among them is Harris Tweed, created by hand in almost the same way as a century ago.


There are additional signs by which one can determine the quality level of a tweed item. For example, it is worth looking at the composition of the lining. Ideally, it should be made of viscose or cupro (bemberg); polyester or a mixture of polyester with something else - a sign of not the best product. In addition, study the design of things in general; pay attention to the interior, as well as the cut and silhouette. In the case of jackets a large number of pockets can be an additional advantage, and in the case of a vest the presence of lapels and a collar can serve as a decisive argument in favor of the purchase. By themselves, they do not indicate impeccable quality, but enliven the design of the vest, which is especially important if you plan to wear it without a jacket.

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