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These people are able to violently break the rules and established canons: they do not follow seasonal trends, they ignore most of the fashionable constants and create their own unique style that can not be copied.

Fashionable freaksAnna Dello Russo

The eccentric images of the Italian fashionista seem to many a kitsch and the top of bad taste, but Anna Dello Russo would not be herself, paying attention to the opinions of others. Incredible combinations of cuts and prints, risky hypertrophied silhouettes Anna presents with such skill and chic that any of her set seems elegant and impeccable. Not possessing the appearance of the canonical beauty, she is not afraid of her shortcomings, in every way emphasizing her broad shoulders, narrow hips and high growth.

By the way, a 51-year-old journalist and an icon of an alternative style admits that she is a perfect shoes-fanatic: in her collection - more than 4000 pairs of shoes. For the sake of this passion, Dello Rousseau bought and redone a huge apartment in her native Italy under the dressing room. In it, Anna also stores countless unique sets of clothing, accessories and exclusive gifts from leading designers.

Fashionable freaksDiane Pernet

Multiplayer from the fashion industry, journalist, blogger and film critic Diane Pernet has long made black its trademark. To avoid comparisons with colleagues in the field of activity, the creator of the famous festival ASVOF worked out her image in detail, adding to it a high fleece, cat-eye sunglasses and a black long veil.

Pernet does not change once chosen style: on fashion shows, secular exits and film festivals, Dian appears exclusively in black. Gothic image of an influential fashion-icon is almost always complemented with red lipstick.

Fashionable freaksLynn Jager

Lynn Jager is one of the most controversial persons in the fashion industry. On the one hand, she is an influential fashion columnist, author of The New York Time Style Magazine, the leading column in several glossy magazines. On the other hand, Jager is a symbol of self-irony and grotesque, which is not afraid to seem ridiculous, ridiculous or unfashionable to others.

Recognized everywhere and always, Lynn made three basic elements of her changeable image: a geometric square with a short bang of bright-carrot color, drawn with a burgundy lipstick, a lip bouquet, and two pink circles of blush on her cheeks. "I look like a giant elf. Giant, an old elf, "the journalist says about himself without any coquetry.

Miss Jager's wardrobe also deserves close attention. In her arsenal - ballet tutu, huge men's sweaters, bright knitted caps, neon leggings, all kinds of stretched cardigans and countless skirts that she puts on one another. The image of Lynn so stirs the minds of the public that the organizers of Fashion Night Out in 2010 released a T-shirt with the image of a red-haired journalist.

Fashionable freaksIsabella Blow

About the amazing personality of Isabella Blow you need to make films. She was an influential player in the fashion industry, mentor and muse of Alexander McQueen, Philip Tracy and Sophie Dal, editor of the largest glossy magazines, an outrageous style icon and hereditary aristocrat. Blow committed suicide in 2007.

"It's difficult to admit, but in fact I'm ugly," Isabel said to herself. However, non-ideal features did not prevent the extravagant and ambitious girl from becoming one of the brightest representatives of the fashion world. Her passion was the hat from Philip Tracy, whom she made popular and popular. Blow appeared in extraordinary bonnets everywhere, admitting that this accessory helps her keep obsessive companions from a distance. Another distinguishing feature of the image of Isabella was the bright make-up of her lips: "I will not talk to you if there is no lipstick on your lips!"

Fashionable freaksIris Apfel

Despite the fact that the collector, patron and owner of the fabric production Iris Apfel recently celebrated the 90th anniversary, she is unanimously recognized as the oldest teenager of the generation. Mrs. Apfel is not afraid to participate in bold fashion experiments, has an exceptional taste and a rare ability to elegantly wear even the most flashy and ambiguous sets. An elderly style icon is the face of the MAC cosmetic brand, which produces a line under the slogan "Beauty is beyond the age limits".

Iris manages everything, for which she undertakes: her collection of accessories enjoys great success, and the released line of Apfel branded frames Eyebobs has become an absolute hit of sales. The unique style of the extravagant lady is devoted to the exhibition, she is invited to appear in photo sessions, copy her inimitable manner to dress and select accessories.

Fashionable freaksMichel Lamy

Michel Lamy is a woman of the life of fashion designer Rick Owens, who became popular precisely because of the efforts of his unusual and shocking wife. In order to ensure her husband a successful start, Michelle sold her own restaurant and completely immersed in the affairs of her husband. 75-year-old Lamy still admires the grateful Owens, and at the same time and all the fashionable public with their unusual outlets.

The main feature of the recognizable image of Michelle is an uneven black streak drawn on the forehead with an ordinary eyeliner. "I always wore a strip. She helps me to be stable, "- commented on the strange makeup of Lamy. However, even more original look black fingers Michelle, which she paints special Japanese paint. Gothic intonations of all Lamy's sets inspire Rick Owens to create gloomy spiritual collections.

Fashionable freaksAnna Piaggi

The queen of eccentricity and shocking, a fashionable consultant of many glossy magazines, stylist Anna Piaggi remained faithful to her ambiguous sense of style for the rest of her life. Perhaps from all the fashion freaks it is Piaggi that can be called a model of fashion-shocking: Anna, like no one else, was able to create completely at first sight completely tasteless sets, which became subsequently canonical.

Piaggi wrote for big fashion magazines, was friends with Manolo Blanik (who created shoes for her), Karl Lagerfeld and the famous hatter Steven Jones. It was he who instilled in Piagi the love of all kinds of headgear.

In her outfits, Anna combined all the colors of the fashion palette, mixes fur and chintz, animalistic and floral prints. Its slightly insane image, she brought to perfection, dyeing a strand of hair in a bright blue color. Like Lynn Jager, Anna blended blusher with sharp circles, trying to achieve a similarity with the collection of English dolls.

During the life of Piaggi Anna Piaggi's fashion-ology exhibition dedicated to her wardrobe was held, on which were presented 2586 dresses and 256 pairs of Anna's shoes. She died in the summer of 2012 at the age of 81 years.

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