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How to effectively lose weight with workouts?

The most effective way to reduce weight is to exercise regularly. It is regularly and constantly
The most effective way to reduce weight is to exercise regularly. It is regularly and constantly, there will be no benefit from “shock” training 2-3 times a month, only harm. To lose weight, you need to do 2-3-4 times a week for 60-40-30 minutes, respectively. 

Sign up for a sports club (bodybuilding, gym, pool, cycling, jogging - choose to your liking). Being engaged under the guidance of an experienced trainer, in a couple of months you will noticeably lose weight, lose weight, strengthen muscles and feel much better. Remember: to achieve results, it is important not to stop and not to miss classes. 

If there is no possibility to enroll somewhere, do not despair - you can achieve excellent results and train yourself. Developed many sets of exercises for weight loss, intended for those who have not trained for a long time, and for trained, and for people who have little time. But first, the basic rules that must be observed during training (we are not talking about professional athletes here - they train according to completely different laws). 

When to study? 

If you are an early bird, then the best time to practice is in the morning, between breakfast and lunch; for the "owl" - in the evening, between lunch and dinner. It is necessary to begin training not less than two hours after eating, to finish at least one hour before the next meal. If you can study only in the evening, after work, you can do this: for an hour and a half before the workout, have a light snack (light, fast food, nothing fat, meat, etc.); half an hour after the workout - a light dinner. "Late" training should be completed at least 2, preferably 3 hours before bedtime. 

How much to do? 

Beginners can be limited to two 30-minute workouts per week. There is no point in doing less - you will not have time to lose weight or build muscle. After a while, add a third workout per week, then gradually add lesson time, bring it up to 40-50 minutes, up to an hour. Then you can add a fourth weekly lesson. Between workouts there should be approximately equal periods of time (for example, Monday-Thursday or Wednesday-Sunday for two times a week, Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday for three times), if you practice two days in a row and then have a rest for five days, there will be a benefit few. 

How to do? 

Each workout should begin with a 7-10 minute workout,during which the muscles, heart and lungs "work in", prepare for a serious load. Then - the main part, during which the muscles really develop and fat is burned. To complete the workout should be stretching exercises, at least 5 minutes. 

Determine your individual pulse, which burns fat, according to the formula: 220 minus age, multiply by 0.7 (upper limit); 220 minus age, multiply by 0.6 (lower bound). Spend the main part of the workout with a pulse rate within these limits - weight will be effectively reduced and there will be no overload. 

Alternate strength training and endurance training(brisk walking, running, biking, skiing). If the main goal - to lose weight, lose weight, then the ratio of training for endurance and strength should be 2: 1 or even 3: 1. Two or three aerobic endurance training, one for strength training. If it is more important for you to strengthen your muscles, to form a beautiful figure, posture, then the ratio should be the opposite. The most harmonious results - and weight loss, and beautiful muscles - will give a ratio of 1: 1. 

To improve the effectiveness of training, to relieve fatigue after them will help regular massages. Set realistic tasks, do not overstrain, do not try to overtake the more trained, do it with pleasure - and the result will come: lose weight and improve your health. скачать dle 12.1

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