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15 crossfit exercises for those who have a serious approach to training

Some exercises can be performed in the gym, and there are also sets of exercises that provide the minimum number of sports attributes.
Crossfit - a great training option for those who give all the best in sports. This sport will not only inspire and improve physical fitness, but also increase endurance. 

In today's article we will acquaint you with the most famous and effective sets of exercises. Among them, workouts that can be performed only in the gym, as well as exercises that provide the minimum number of sports attributes. 

Exercises without special equipment

No special attributes are required for this group of exercises. All that is needed is a timer and horizontal bar. 


Run as many approaches as possible in 20 minutes. They include: 

- 15 squats; 

- 10 push-ups; 

- as well as 5 pull-ups on the bar. 

If you have good physical training, you can do 20 approaches, and if not, then you have something to strive for. Professional athletes can make about 30 approaches, and the most advanced crossfit athletes - about 35.



Mary is a sophisticated version of Cindy. The difference lies in the complexity of the movements that need to be completed in 20 minutes. 

Exercises consist of 10 "pistols", 15 pull-ups and 5 pushups in a handstand. 

With an average physical training, it will turn out to perform about 5 to 9 approaches. Advanced athletes will master from 9 to 12 approaches, and better crossfitters - 12-15 rounds. 

Variations squatting "gun":



Exercises are done for 20 seconds, after which you need to take a ten-second break. Tabata consists of the following exercises: 

- body rises; 

- push ups; 

- squats; 

- pull-ups. 


Exercises Annie also needs to be done on time. The rise of the body alternates with double jumps on a rope in the amount of 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 repetitions. 

If you managed to complete this complex in 8 - 10 minutes, then you have good physical training. Professionals perform Annie for 5 - 8 minutes, and better crossfitters for 4.5 minutes. 



This complex needs to be done quickly. It consists of 100 pull-ups, squats, push-ups and body lifts. 

An excellent result, if a set of exercises can be done in half an hour. If it took 15 minutes or less, then you are ready to compete.


Easy exercise complexes


This group of exercises provides for a barbell, a rowing machine, weights and other sports attributes. Therefore, you need to perform such complexes in the gym. 

They are simple and do not require acrobatic movements. However, endurance and perseverance are needed to complete them. 


Exercises are performed at a fast pace. They consist of: 

- 30 pull-ups on the horizontal bar; 

- 1 thousand meters on the rowing simulator; 

- 50 boom emissions that weigh 15-20 kg. 

Excellent result, if you made the complex in 11 - 15 minutes, even better if in 8 - 11 minutes. Professionals in crossfit perform complex Jackie for 6.5 - 8 minutes. 


Fran is one of the most popular crossfit exercises. It must be done as quickly as possible. 

Fran includes: 

- 21 pulling up on the horizontal bar; 

- 15 boom emissions; 

- 21 ejection rods, which weigh from 40 to 30 kg; 

- 15 pull-ups on the bar; 

- 9 boom emissions; 

- 9 pull-ups on the bar. 

Experienced crossfitters have two minutes to complete all the exercises. For a newbie, it's good if he masters Fran to the end. Also a good result is to complete the complex in 5 minutes.



Approaches are performed on time. They consist of the following exercises: 

- 400 meters distance running; 

- 12 pull-ups on the bar; 

- swing weight weighing 16 - 32 kg 21 times. 

Performing three approaches in 12–15 minutes is considered a good level of training. If Helen takes less than 8 minutes, you can participate in competitions. 


Exercises should be performed in a short time: 

- 21 deadlift with a barbell weighing 70-100 kg; 

- 21 push-ups in the handstand; 

- 15 deadlines; 

- 15 push-ups in the handstand; 

- 9 stanovyh with a rod; 

- 9 push ups in the handstand.

Athletes with good physical training perform this complex in 7–10 minutes, experienced athletes in 4–7 minutes, and the most advanced crossfitters in 2.5 minutes. 


The Barbara

Complex consists of five approaches that are performed at a fast pace: 

- 20 pull-ups on the horizontal bar; 

- 30 push-ups from the floor; 

- 50 squats; 

- 40 hull lifts. 

Between approaches, you need a three-minute pause detail. 

The performance of the Barbara complex in 25–26 minutes indicates good physical preparation, in 23–25 minutes you are ready to compete, and the performance of the complex in 23 or less minutes indicates brilliant successes in the crossfit.

Difficult exercise complexes

Linda Linda

Complex consists of three exercises: 

- deadlift with a projectile 1.5 times your body weight (multiply your weight by 1.5); 

- bench press with a weight equal to body weight; 

- taking on the chest projectile (rod), which weighs 0.75 of your weight. 

Exercises are done consistently and with the number of approaches to reduce from 10 to 1.  

Good training is indicated by the implementation of the complex in 15–17 minutes. Experienced crossfitters make it in 12 to 15 minutes, and the best in less than 12 minutes.



Complex Grace is not different variety of exercises, but from this it does not become easier. 

Men make 30 jerks of a 60-pound barbell. 

Athletes with good physical training perform the complex in 5.5 - 8 minutes. Advanced crossfitters need 2.5 - 5.5 minutes, and the best one is less than two minutes. 


Elizabeth consists of three approaches, the number of exercises is 21, 15, 9 times: 

- take the barbell on the chest 42.5 - 60 kg; 

- push-ups on sports rings. 

Trained athletes will do this exercise in 7–10 minutes, and the most advanced in 3 minutes.



Exercises need to be done at a fast pace: 

- exits on the rings; 

- jerks with a barbell, which weighs 42.5 - 60 kg. 

Excellent result - complete the exercises in 5.5 - 10 minutes. Advanced athletes perform the Amanda complex in 3.5 - 5.5 minutes, and the best - in 3 minutes or less. 

King Kong

- You need to do 3 circles of such exercises: 

- one deadlift with a barbell weighing 145-205 kg; 

- 2 power outputs on the rings; 

- 3 taking a barbell on the chest (77.5 - 112 kg) with squats; 

- 4 push-ups in the handstand.


That's basically it. Above all, do not forget that the maximum effect of the crossfit exercise will be achieved if the training is regular.
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