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What products contribute to the removal of nicotine from the body?

Cigarette manufacturers and healthy lifestyle promoters run powerful and competitive advertising campaigns to attract people to their ranks. Recently, an advantage has been observed in favor of a healthy lifestyle. If you decide that it is time to go over to the side of healthy lifestyles, we will tell you in today's article how to do it.

Many people have a predilection for cigarettes. Many of them smoke and do not know how badly they affect the body. Tobacco has a negative effect on the state of many organs, as well as on health and general well-being. 

With tobacco addiction can cope. To do this, first of all, the desire of the smoker and the willingness to finish the job. 

You can say goodbye to a bad habit with the help of food and lifestyle correction.

What is nicotine and how does it affect the body?

Nicotine is a substance of plant origin. It is found in some herbs, for example, in tobacco. 

Nicotine in a small amount of danger to people is not. But a large dose can be harmful in the form of a deterioration of the nervous system and heart function. It was also found that systematic smoking can cause the appearance of malignant cells. 

Nicotine only needs seven minutes to get into the human brain system. It can be withdrawn in two hours. But the problem is that getting rid of dependence is not easy. The body will require all new and new doses of nicotine. 

Negative effects of nicotine

- Dependence is formed on the psychological and physical level. 

- Increased risk of heart disease. 

- Appear broncho-pulmonary diseases. 

- Growing blood pressure. 

- There are inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. 

- Violation of heart rate. 

- The risk of atherosclerosis increases. 

- Increased glucose content in the body.

To prevent the habit from becoming harmful, measures should be taken as soon as possible. But we must bear in mind that the duration of getting rid of tobacco addiction is largely dependent on the length of smoking. 

How to remove nicotine from the body?

Some people believe that if you cope with tobacco addiction, well-being will quickly return to normal. But it is not so. If the experience of smoking is large, for example, more than 10 years, then a lot of time is needed to achieve the desired effect. Sometimes it may take several years to not feel the effects of the habit. 

One of the important nuances in the fight against the influence of nicotine is not to go back to smoking cigarettes. 

In the fight against a bad habit, it is necessary to take into account the fact that with the increase in the length of smoking, the sensitivity of nicotinic receptors increases. As a result, the body will increase the need for new portions of the harmful substance. 

Experts advise when getting rid of nicotine addiction to use means that depress the need for a substance.

Rules to follow to remove nicotine from the body

Supplying the body with useful substances - vitamins and microelements. Also important are antioxidants that inhibit the activity of nicotine. 

Regular fluid intake, as it removes nicotine from the body. According to scientists, the daily rate of water should be 2 liters per day. 

Use of herbal tea and tinctures. Many herbal preparations have a  cleansing effect. 

Inclusion in the diet of dairy products. Some experts claim that sour-milk products contribute to the elimination of nicotine from the body. 

Active lifestyle: jogging, gym, swimming, cycling.However, this item is possible if the smoker has no problems with the lungs, cardiovascular system and other contraindications for health. 

Revision diet. The emphasis needs to be made on fruits and vegetables. 

Grains will be useful. They will remove harmful substances from the body, as well as mucus. 

It is important to drink fresh juices and juices. Start your day with fresh or freshly squeezed juice - fruit (bananas, berries, oranges, apples) or vegetable (carrots, tomatoes, beets, greens).

It is also advisable to apply measures to maintain normal carbonic acid. In the early stages of quitting smoking, a feeling of lack of oxygen may appear. However, it will pass. 

After 5 months, blood circulation will improve, in six months the amount of gastric juice will become normal, and in 2 years the harmful substances will leave the body. 

If you follow all the rules and recommendations, you can get rid of nicotine addiction. But you need to understand that this is a long and difficult process.

Products that promote the removal of nicotine from the body

An important part of the fight against nicotine is the right diet . To speed up the desired result, you need to give up some products: 

-  fried; 

- fat 

- salty 


- coffee. 

If you adjust the diet to meet these requirements, the harmful substances are more likely to leave the body. 

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of products that are recommended to be consumed: 

Cabbage will be useful. It not only helps to eliminate toxins, but also has a good effect on digestion, and also normalizes the amount of gastric juice. 

Lemon cleanse the body and is well reflected on the skin.

Pomegranate will stimulate the formation of new cells, normalize blood circulation and help to remove nicotine sooner. 

Ginger strengthens blood vessels, cleans and tones. It also improves heart condition. 

Spinach will saturate with folic and ascorbic acid. 

Orange destroys toxins, saturates with vitamin C, strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the heart. 

Broccoli normalizes acid and alkaline balance, saturate with vitamin B and C. The condition of the vessels and the functioning of the heart will also improve. 

Wheat will enrich the body with vitamin E and will have a positive effect on blood vessels. 

Cranberrywill have a cleansing and soothing effect. This berry will improve health in the period of quitting tobacco. 

Tomatoes contain vitamins C, PP and lycopene, which are good  for the heart and blood vessels . Also, tomato is a powerful antioxidant, which is so necessary for the body after the harmful effects of nicotine.

These products will not only help to quickly give up the bad habit, but also have a positive effect on the body, saturating it with useful substances. 

To combat addiction, it is not necessary to drink serious drugs or to purchase questionable advertised products. Enough desire, perseverance and listed recommendations to forget about tobacco forever. 

Dear reader, did you have a dependence on tobacco, and how did you cope with it?

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