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Named signs of an early stage of oncology development

Researchers have compiled a list of alarming symptoms that may indicate the onset of cancer.
Cancer has taken people's lives for centuries. Scientists still can not guarantee a cure for cancer. However, studies are regularly conducted aimed at its successful treatment and the detection of early signs. 

Recently, experts in the field of oncology found out what symptoms indicate the onset of cancer. Researchers compiled a list of alarming symptoms. 

According to representatives of medicine, spontaneous and periodic increase in body temperature , as well as weight loss can be considered the first symptoms of the onset of a deadly disease. In addition, oncology in the early stages is manifested as increased fatigue, headaches, drowsiness and dizziness.. No less disturbing signs are stomach upset, constipation , and also a change in the condition of the skin for the worse. 

At the same time, scientists note that the listed symptoms cannot be called 100% confirmation of oncology together or separately. However, when they are detected, you should consult a doctor for diagnosis. 

Experts say that most cases of oncology are recorded as a result of genetic damage during DNA copying. 

Scientists hope that the study will help to identify oncology at the earliest stages, which will increase the chances of getting rid of a dangerous disease.
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