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10 habits that prolong life

These wellness activities will help you feel better, look fresher and live longer.
Natural conditions and heredity are not able to affect the life expectancy more than a correct lifestyle and healthy habits can do. To prolong your life, you need to train yourself to do some simple things. 

These wellness activities will help you feel better, look fresher and live longer.

1. Less calories

In the modern world, a person consumes much more calories than his body needs. “The nature of our work has changed, we live in warm rooms, we walk in warm clothes. We do not need so much fatty food, ”says Vladimir Khavinson, a gerontologist (a specialist in the study of aspects of human aging). One of the key points of longevity is reducing caloric intake. Long-livers from Japan, Italy and the Caucasus eat low-calorie foods. As it turned out, if you reduce the calorie content of your usual diet by 20%, then the probability of getting cancer is reduced by 70%, and diabetes - 50%. Refuse red meat (beef, pork) in favor of poultry meat (chicken, turkey) and sea fish (mackerel, salmon, salmon, tuna, Baltic herring, trout).

2. Restriction of salt and sugar

Doctors have long proved that excessive salt intake causes hypertension , and an excess of sugar impairs the functioning of the brain and heart, adversely affects the metabolic processes in the body, and also provokes the onset of diabetes and obesity.

3. Five servings of fruits and vegetables per day

After studying the history of diseases of several thousand people, doctors determined that the life expectancy of those who eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day is longer. The fact is that antioxidants, which are contained in vegetables and fruits, actively fight free radicals in the body. Diseases that provoke free radicals: cancer, atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, bronchial asthma, cataracts. Antioxidants are found in large quantities in prunes, fresh berries (sea buckthorn, cranberries, blueberries, currants), grapes, pomegranate, nuts, green tea, cocoa beans, red wine, vegetables and fruits, freshly squeezed juices, fruit drinks. Doctors recommend eating five different servings of the above products per day.

4. Refusal of the elevator

Use the stairs instead of the elevator - at times more useful. Despite this, escalators and elevators are still actively used. To prove the benefit of walking on the stairs, scientists observed people who used only the stairs for 12 weeks. As a result, it turned out that their lung volume increased by about 8.6%, body fat decreased by 2%, waist size decreased by 2%, blood pressure dropped by 2.3%, cholesterol decreased by 3.9%. Such results were achieved in just 3 months. And if you multiply these figures by at least four, then imagine what positive results can be achieved in a year.    

5. Charging for the neck

We spend hours sitting at the computer, without even thinking about what harm it brings to our body as a whole, and our neck and shoulders in particular. To get rid of tension in the cervical region, you need to do such a simple exercise: hold a pencil in your teeth and write an alphabet from A to Z in the air. You can do this exercise without a pencil, but with your nose. The cervical spine will be grateful for such daily gymnastics.

6. Sleep in total darkness

Proper human activity depends on how and how much we sleep. A healthy sleep requires full production of melatonin (sleep hormone), which plays an important role in the protective functions of the body against various diseases, including cancer. However, if there are light interference in the rest room, the production of this hormone is disturbed. To the body was able to fully reboot during sleep, you must ensure a rest in complete darkness. Earlier we wrote " Why is it important to sleep at night? " 

7. Do not smoke

Smoking causes such harm to the body that it takes as many as 15 years to recover from nicotine poisoning! However, the process of recovery from the effects of this habit begins in a couple of hours after the last cigarette you smoked. Give up cigarettes and add a few years to your life.

8. Training for the brain

Every day our brain needs to digest tons of information. In order not to forget anything, to keep the memory and speed of reaction at a high level, we need to train our brain. There are unusual, but effective exercises: performing habitual movements (brushing your teeth, eating) with your left hand, for left-handers - with your right hand; get home or work with a new route; walk in the dark in a well-known room (by memory, not by touch); outside the box, answer standard questions (the question “what are you doing”, “how are you” can be answered with dozens of different phrases). And  Steve Jobs , to get rid of stress, clarify the mind and develop creativity, regularly engaged in meditation.

9. Weight control

Overweight is among the top ten causes of death, according to WHO. It is the cause of cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke, etc.), diabetes, problems with the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis), diseases of the thyroid gland. Many studies have been conducted proving that the majority of the adult population of the planet are overweight. Lose weight  is not easy, but quite realistic. This will help, healthy nutrition, exercise and an active lifestyle.

10. Rinse your mouth with sea salt.

Daily rinsing of the mouth with water with natural sea salt (which can be bought at a pharmacy or store) will be a good protection against caries and the prevention of acute respiratory infections, tonsillitis and other nasopharyngeal diseases.
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