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Music and personality, we will reveal information about you

Music and personality, what is the information about your personality? Studies conducted by psychologists Jason Rentfrow and Sam Gosling show that knowing the type of music that we listen to can determine exactly what kind of person we are.

For example, the history of the development of psychology as a science does not tell us much about this, but researchers have found that they can give accurate judgments about the level of an individual's extraversion (I will explain: it means a personality type that manifests its psychological characteristics in others — the outside world), its creativity and openness after listening with a dozen of his favorite songs. Psychologists explain the music and personality are interconnected: extroverts tend to look for songs with heavy bass lines, and those who love complex styles such as jazz and classical music tend to be more creative individuals and have high IQ points.

Another study from the University of Heriot-Watt, which involved more than 36,000 participants from around the world. Experiments were asked to evaluate more than 104 different musical styles to determine their personality.

Music and personality

Below, I will give only the most common connections of styles, music and personality:


Do you prefer to listen to the top 40 hits on the radio? Where the most popular are Rhianna, Selena Gomez and Flo Rida. If this is so, then there is a possibility that you, too, are usually extraverted. But still, pop music lovers are hardworking and have high self-esteem, as the researchers suggested that such individuals are less creative.

Rap and Hip Hop

Do snoop dogg and doctor dre your style? Despite the stereotype that rap fans are more aggressive and cruel, the researchers found no such connection with music and personality. Rap fans tend to have high self esteem and goals.

Country music

Would you rather watch CMT or MTV? Fans of country music tend to be hardworking, simple and sociable. Their songs are often focused on grief, but people who have this genre tend to be emotionally stable.

Rock / Heavy Metal (Heavy Metal), like music and personality

Despite the sometimes too aggressive image, the researchers found that fans of these styles of music are usually quite tender. They tend to be creative, but often introverted (not prone to communication and social interaction , focused on themselves) and may suffer from low self-esteem.


You like independent music, if yes, then this is about you. Fans of the indie genre are usually reticent, intellectual and creative personalities. According to the researchers, they are less industrious and less gentle. Passivity, constant anxiety, but the love of freedom, this is such a general characteristic of the individual.

Dance / Club Music

Do you like the fast-paced rhythms of dance music? According to researchers, people who prefer dance music are usually personal, sociable and energetic in achieving their goals.


Classical music lovers are usually more closed, but can easily change the world around them. Such people are creative and have a good sense of self-esteem, high potential of man and brain .

Jazz, Blues and Soul

People who love jazz, blues and soul music were found by more extrovert personalities with high self-esteem. They also tend to be very creative, intelligent and laid-back.

As similar articles show, studies of music and personality: “People, in fact, define themselves through music, but only by examining each person individually, one can say with precision about his personality.”

In the future, including your favorite music, consider how your personality is reflected in the choice of songs.

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