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How to make a plan for the month and why should it be done?

Hello friends! Today we will discuss with you, why we need a plan for the month and what are these 7 questions that will help us compile it.

I have already shared my thoughts on drawing up a plan for the year. But I hope you do not think that we have planned the year and forgot about this plan until next year.

It is equally important to make a plan for the month, track the achievement of annual goals throughout the month and make some new efforts if something suddenly went wrong. Or if we start to stand out from the schedule.

Why is it important to make a plan for the month?

Friends, the plan for the month (drawn up on the basis of the stated goals for the year) helps to keep the focus on the most important, to direct all our efforts towards the realization of our plans, selecting and sometimes just going through different strategies to achieve the set goals until you find the one that works.

Very often, planning for a year, three, and even more so 5-10 years ahead, I have little idea how exactly the goals will be achieved. I try not to start from the reality that exists, but look ahead. And already from the picture of the future I start to dance - plan for a shorter time.

Your goals should not put pressure on reality. On the contrary, your goal should influence your reality so that reality gets closer to your dream.

Very often, I just don’t know how to achieve goals based on my vision of my future life. But I know that I have everything to find these ways. 
Regularly register a plan for the month

If you go back to blogging, then without planning you will come to zero results.

Friends, in blogging (as elsewhere) planning is necessary: ​​a plan for the year + a plan for each month, preferably with tracking the results twice a month.

If you do not do this, then the maximum that you can get from blogging is most likely wasted time.

How to make a plan for the month?

Answers to these questions will help you plan a month:

  1. What goals is important for me to achieve? Why is it important for me to achieve these goals?
  2. How much time will I spend on actions every day? What actions will I take?
  3. What do I need to learn in order to realize my plan for the month?
  4. How, from whom and where will I learn this?
  5. What will be the intermediate results in the middle of the month?
  6. How confident am I (on a 10-point scale) that I will achieve my goals?
  7. Well, if your confidence is less than a dozen, be sure to ask yourself the question: What do I need to do to raise it to 10?

Friends, regularly prescribing a plan for the month using these 7 questions, you will accelerate many times on the way to achieving your goals.

By the way, recently I have been making a monthly plan in the Mindmanager program.

Video: How to make a plan for the month using MindManager

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