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Tips for protecting against colds and colds

Experts in the field of medicine told how to protect themselves from the flu and what to do if the disease still prevailed
Since autumn, not only cold, but also seasonal diseases, in particular influenza, come. He comes abruptly, sometimes suddenly, and he is cunning by possible complications. 
When the first signs of the disease, which is transmitted by airborne and household way, should be at home, including in order not to spread the virus to others. The diagnosis is that it is the flu, can only put the doctor. Assigning yourself treatment is extremely unsafe. 

To the room in which there is a patient with the flu, there are special requirements - it must be regularly ventilated, maintain moisture (with the help of an air humidifier and wet cleaning). Disinfection is also recommended.

Contacts with the patient should be limited, and if you have to contact him, you should wear a gauze dressing or a medical mask. 

The patient with the flu needs to drink a lot of cool liquids or room temperature, repeatedly rinse the nose with saline solution (a teaspoon of salt per liter of water) and maintain bed rest. This way you can avoid complications of the disease and quickly get rid of it. 

Prevention of influenza

To protect yourself from the disease, you should spend less time among the congestion of people, especially in enclosed spaces. Also it is necessary to carry out the following preventive measures: 

- wash the nose with a soda-salt solution with water; 

- use a medical mask; 

- wash hands with soap for at least 30 seconds; 

- include onions and garlic; 

- Daily use of foods rich in vitamin C (lemon, orange, mandarin, cranberries, cranberries, raspberries); 

- drink fruit and mineral water.

Characteristic symptoms of influenza

- Rapid temperature increase up to 38 - 39 ° C. 

- Muscular weakness. 

- Stuffy nose or runny nose. 

- Sore throat, cough. 

- Unpleasant sensations in the joints. 

If you find the above symptoms immediately call the doctor at home, and if it became bad at night - do not wait until the morning, call an ambulance! 

And how do you protect yourself from the flu? Tell us about your methods in the comments.
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