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Drugs that most often cause addiction

Representatives of science have figured out which drugs can cause addiction. And not only physical, but also psychological
Most people associate medication with diseases. But if they are abused, the bad consequences will not be long in coming. 

According to experts, dependence on drugs may appear as a result of self-treatment, long-term therapy, or if a course of treatment is not followed. The form of release of drugs does not matter. Addiction can cause solutions, pills, drops and even creams. 

Drops with vasoconstrictor effect

Such drops are most often addictive, despite the fact that they only give a symptomatic effect. Dependence can be quite serious. 

When the remedy gets into the nose, adrenaline is released. The same happens when the body itself is trying to cope with a stuffy nose. When instilled into it comes a lot more adrenaline than necessary. If you drop vasoconstrictor drops often and for a long time, and then stop, a “withdrawal syndrome” happens - and with the drops it is bad and without them. 


The abuse of laxative drugs also becomes a cause of addiction, most often psychological. People who suffer from constipation often think that it is impossible to go to the toilet on their own or it will be unpleasant. As a result, they become hostages of medication. The addiction develops quickly, especially in young children.


Sleeping pills should be taken strictly adhering to the course of therapy prescribed by the doctor. Since many drugs are sold without a prescription, people abuse them. 

Dependence on sleeping pills develops gradually. A person sees that the usual dosage ceases to give a result, and begins to increase it, and then the frequency of doses. As a result, the circadian rhythm gets off and sleep problems remain.

Hormonal medicine

Such drugs must be taken strictly according to the scheme and in the amount specified by the doctor. With the abuse of hormonal drugs, the body can refuse to function without them, requiring more and more new doses. For such drugs is also a characteristic "withdrawal syndrome". 

In order not to become a hostage of a drug designed to help people, you must always follow the recipe - follow the dosage, timing and number of doses. Then the unpleasant consequences, in particular dependence, can be avoided, and the drug will give the desired effect.скачать dle 12.1

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