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The effectiveness of medication depends on the time of day

For example, it is better to take medicines for liver and kidney diseases after 18 hours, and the "cores" should move their medication in the morning.

American scientists have found that the medicine will bring the desired effect only if you take it at the correct time of day. It turns out that this process is influenced by gene activity. 
Scientists have long discovered that some drugs (for example, statin and aspirin) have a pronounced effect only in the mornings and evenings, but why this happens, no one could explain. Experts from the University of Pennsylvania conducted a series of studies, carefully analyzing the effects of a huge amount of medicines. As a result, scientists have come to the conclusion that many medicines work better if they are not taken chaotically, but at certain times of the day - in the morning, afternoon or evening.
As shown by the results of the experiments of researchers, the effectiveness of drugs is directly influenced by the activity of genes. So, drugs for liver and kidney diseases will give a better result if the patient takes them after 18 hours. Genes that affect the work of the lungs, reach the peak of their activity at noon, and the "cores" should take medication in the morning.
Scientists also noted that the effectiveness of almost half of the 250 most vital WHO drugs is very much dependent on the time of admission. But because scientists are strongly advised to carefully listen to the recommendations of doctors, if they are advised to take this or that medicine in a certain period of the day, so that it has the maximum effect.скачать dle 12.1

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