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Dispelled the main myth about the benefits of toothpaste

Toothpaste is necessary to use, as this is one of the ways to care for your teeth. But is not a means to treat them.
As a result of the experiments with toothpastes, experts have refuted the marketing experts' claim about the benefits of toothpaste in combating tooth decay. Scientists believe that this is only a marketing ploy to increase sales of such funds. 

Scientists at the United States Institute of Hygiene have proven that toothpaste itself has no effect on tooth decay or tooth wear . For the experiment, 9 of the most famous toothpastes were used, 8 of which, according to the manufacturer, are the most effective in combating tooth decay and serve as an excellent means to strengthen and reduce tooth sensitivity. 

The study did not show the promised effect. After using these pastes, the teeth had similar wear. On top of that, pasta did not prevent the development of caries. However, doctors believe thatToothpaste should be used because it is one of the ways to care for your teeth. But is not a means to treat them. 

The basis of dental treatment is a preventive examination at the dentist . Also no less important is the diet. Experts recommend to refuse products that are rich in all sorts of acids, as they can provoke the destruction of enamel and dentin. 

As a result of recent research, it has been proven that tea bags have a bad effect on tooth enamel due to the fluoride content in it. In moderate doses, this substance strengthens the bones and is beneficial for the teeth. But if it is too much, then with healthy teeth there can be big problems. And in tea bags the concentration of fluoride is very high.

Dentists strongly recommend that you regularly visit the dental office and follow the diet, and at the same time remember that all kinds of toothpastes are hygienic, but not curative.скачать dle 12.1

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