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How is brushing teeth related to sexual problems in men?

Experts believe that poor or insufficient teeth brushing increases the risk of developing intimate health problems in men.

An organism is a complex and interconnected system. Some of its different organs and functions interact with each other. Their relationship can be both for good and for harm. What will be the effect depends largely on the person. 

Recently, experts have figured out how brushing your teeth is related to male sexual dysfunction and what problems may arise. 

Representatives of science believe that poor or insufficient home hygiene of the oral cavity increases the risk of impotence and in general is harmful to health. E If carefully brush your teeth 2 times a day, the probability of impotence decreases. 

According to the experiment, if the male representatives are little and poorly brush their teeth, the risk of becoming impotent increases 3 times. During the research it was noted thatmen with sore gums experienced problems with the appearance of an erection. 

This trend is due to the fact that due to poor oral hygiene, the condition of the gums is deteriorating. As a result, men increase the likelihood of damage to blood vessels that supply blood to the entire body, in particular the penis. The study found a direct relationship between the above factors. 

Scientists recommend thoroughly brushing your teeth several times a day, as well as using dental floss and toothpicks, as well as an irrigator , to remove food particles between your teeth. 

In addition, proper oral hygiene reduces the risk of caries and in most cases eliminates bad breath.скачать dle 12.1

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