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Expensive foods seem to be more tasty

Marketing policy and prestigious price very often influence consumer choice

Researchers from Germany found that product advertising, properly organized and thoughtful marketing, as well as price, significantly affect the popularity and demand among buyers. 
Scientists from the University of Bonn conducted a study in which a couple of dozen volunteers participated. Participants were invited to taste the wine from different glasses. On the capacity of the wine indicated the price of a drink. Her range was from $ 5 to $ 90 per bottle. The bottom line was that two kinds of beverage of different price categories were poured into glasses. After tasting, volunteers said they preferred the most expensive wine.
In addition, participants tried milkshakes from different containers. On one side was a “natural” note, but in fact, the drink was of the same quality. At the same time, absolutely all volunteers noted that the cocktail with a note was more delicious and with a pleasant aroma.
During the experiment, the process of the participants' brain was monitored. Thus, it turned out that when consumed, in the opinion of participants of an expensive product, the brain activated the site responsible for pleasure.
The result of the study clearly showed that buyers are not always guided by taste preferences. Marketing policy and the prestigious price very often influence the choice made by the consumer.скачать dle 12.1

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