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5 most unsafe and cheap products

People buy cheap food to save money, or memories of the difficult 90s are firmly in their heads. But is it really economical, given the negative effects on health and not the cheapest medical services?

Specialists from WHO have compiled a list of inexpensive food products that are bad for health.

Sausages and cheap sausages

In the first place of anti-rating are low-cost sausages and various sausages. If their price is low, it means that there is very little in meat products. In addition, cheap sausages contain carcinogenic components that can trigger oncology, especially in the digestive tract.  

Semi-finished products

Health hazards are artificially synthesized trans fats and phosphates, which include semi-finished products (dumplings, burgers, pizza, etc.). When they accumulate in the body, they increase the risk of heart attack, have a bad effect on the central nervous system and worsen the condition of the bones. Also, harmful components provoke a rapid imbalance of beneficial calcium and phosphorus in the body.

Cheap hard cheese

Good hard cheese cannot be cheap. Its cheapness indicates the presence of harmful additives and margarine, which impairs the work of the heart and blood vessels.


The low cost of sweets most likely indicates the presence of flavor enhancers, dyes, cheap oils and trans fats. These substances impair the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Canned fish

In canned fish can be heavy metals. They get into fish as a result of oxidative processes in a metal can. Consumption of canned budget foods increases the risk of cancer.

Food is something you should not save. Good health is much more important than the money saved in the wallet, which then will have to be spent on visits to the doctor and restoration of health.скачать dle 12.1

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