» » Scientists: the male sexual organ becomes smaller with age


Scientists: the male sexual organ becomes smaller with age

In men who have crossed the mark of 55 years, the sexual organ becomes thinner and shorter.
Representatives of science say that with age the penis can change its size. Over the years, it becomes less. For most men, this becomes noticeable after 55 years. 

As a rule, in mature men sexual activity decreases, sexual desire is dulled, therefore the number of sexual contacts decreases. Against the background of these problems, dysfunction of urination can be observed. 

In addition, in men who have crossed the 55-year mark, the sexual organ becomes thinner and shorter.. This trend is due to the fact that blood circulation deteriorates with age, and this is reflected in the functioning of the penis. When the blood flow gets worse, small wreaths of the penis become overgrown with jelly-like fats. The same process is observed in people who are at risk, as people prone to strokes and heart attacks. 

Another factor affecting the reduction of the penis is the formation of inelastic scar tissue. When the blood circulation is disturbed, sexual desire and erection are dulled. 

Of course, the size of man's dignity is not the most important indicator of the ability to deliver and achieve sexual pleasure. But still, most men prefer their genitals to be at least as large as the average size.
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