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How to get rid of procrastination: learn to do everything on time

For modern society, procrastination is a real disaster: the constant postponement of the most important cases for later not only harms people, but also worsens the economic situation in the country
The term “procrastination” appeared quite recently, but it was already managed to be christened “The Plague of the 21st Century”. This problem is really insidious - you sit down to do an urgent job, and then everything is in a daze: suddenly you catch yourself thinking that you are already flipping through the news feed in social networks for the second hour. It is not easy to stop procrastinating, but quite real. And  MEN's LIFE  will tell you how to do it.
For modern society, procrastination is a real disaster: the constant postponement of the most important cases for later not only harms people, but also worsens the economic situation in the country. But scientists practically do not explore this topic - the mechanisms to combat procrastination have long been clear. At first glance, everything is extremely simple: in order not to postpone tasks for later, you just need to start to carry them out. But, unfortunately, there are some pitfalls here - some people just do not know how to start work on time, needing professional help.
In fact, psychologists have identified several reasons because of which a person may experience some difficulties in combating procrastination.
Wrong goals
Some people have difficulties with the formulation of tasks and goals, it is difficult for them to separate the most important from the most important. A person often undertakes matters of secondary importance, only after a while remembering that there are more urgent tasks. As a result, he quits what he has begun and eventually discovers that he is already looking at the photos of friends on the social network for an hour. A person continuously shifts the focus of attention and a lot of time is spent on other things, while the most important work is in place. At the same time, he is well aware that this state of affairs is not at all normal, but he can do nothing about it.
Solution to the problem. In this situation, it is important to learn how to formalize tasks strictly. If the brain itself does not see the goal, you need to help it, jot down a rough schedule, describe the sequence of actions point by point. Whatever one may say, but the most effective effect will be given only by the organization of one’s own activity and time management.
Fear of failing
Thinking a lot about the future results of his own work, a person becomes anxious and begins to constantly worry that he will not succeed and will spoil everything. As a result, the work is in place, because only this way mistakes will not be made. This process starts the procrastination, from which it is then extremely difficult to get out: a person is afraid that he will not cope, does nothing, as a result he has nothing and the fear of failure grows exponentially.
Solution to the problem. It is necessary to realize that fears are only an illusion, and learn how to step over them. It is very important to always give yourself the right to make a mistake: remember, only those who do absolutely nothing are wrong. The more attempts you make, the more likely it is that everything will turn out for you, and as soon as you stop feeding your own fears, they will immediately disappear.

Perfectionism problem
In general, being a perfectionist is very helpful. But often, the pursuit of the ideal takes on a painful form, and the most insignificant imperfections become a nightmare for man. As a result, due to the slightest discrepancy between the results of work and the ideal, a feeling of discomfort and guilt appears. Given the fact that it is almost impossible to achieve the ideal, a person begins to think in a negative way, he develops the so-called “black-and-white thinking” - “either all or nothing”. The brain begins to stop any productive activity, because the best result is not achieved, and any others are completely unhappy.
Solution to the problem. A person needs to change his attitude towards his own achievements. It must be remembered that the ideal is not the goal, but only the vector of achievement: one should definitely strive for it, but one should not forget that it is impossible to achieve it. Not quite the ideal result is also the result, and this is definitely much better than nothing.
The reward becomes less significant
As you know, a person quickly gets used to good. This is how our brain works: the guaranteed reward, to which we are accustomed, gives us many times less pleasant emotions than the unexpected and spontaneous. Does it make sense to do work if you get the same salary every month? Satisfaction from activity decreases rapidly, while efforts to achieve the goal must be applied the same as before. The result is expected: desires and motivation disappear. It becomes more and more difficult for a person to cope with a normal load, and even more development is out of the question.
Solution to the problem. According to psychologists, this kind of procrastination is the most fruitful, because to fight it is really easy: a person needs to constantly move forward, in no case stopping at what has been achieved. It is important to determine what goals we would like to achieve in the future, and go to it, all the time opening up new opportunities for growth.

Unsuccessful experience
Once a man had burned himself a couple of times in the past, he had complete disbelief in his own strength in his head. His sense of absolute helplessness and the belief that any effort will bring only defeat. The person constantly inspires himself: I made many attempts, but they did not bring anything, and therefore now nothing will come of it. He understands that it is necessary to work further, but does not find in himself any forces. A person's belief in himself fades away, and with it the chances for the slightest success decrease.
Solution to the problem. In this situation, it is necessary to go against your fears. At first, only the principle “the eyes are afraid, but the hands do” will be effective. It should be remembered that self-confidence can be restored only when at least the smallest success is achieved. This success will be the best proof that the new achievements, much more impressive and inspiring, are quite real.
How to strengthen willpower?
Procrastination may depend on a mass of various factors, but it manifests itself with impulsive behavior. Often, a person realizes that giving up work on time is much more important for his career and life in general than the day of continuous viewing of his favorite TV shows. But in reality, the temptation to defeat is extremely difficult, and precious time inexorably goes. Therefore, any struggle with procrastination should begin with a struggle with impulsive behavior.
How to stop being impulsive?
Take responsibility for your own decisions. It is necessary to understand that we are responsible for any of our decisions, including unconscious ones. Failure to do your job is also a decision. In a situation where a person plans one thing, but does something completely different - in the same way his decision and he is responsible for it.

Increase your awareness. You can do what you want, but always be aware of your own actions. Take it into the habit of reporting to yourself: “I voluntarily agree not to finish the project today and view the news feed until the end of the working day, because I need a break. When all employees disperse, I will decide to flip through the tape for another hour, because I can’t get out of work without having finished anything. ”
Control your behavior. A person may not control his own emotions, but he definitely has power over his behavior, and therefore it’s important not what we want and why we experience it, but what we do or do not do. There is no difference how a person has achieved this - this is how the circumstances have arisen, enormous willpower has helped, or if the time management tutorial is clearly followed.Rationalize thinking. One should be wary of ill-considered desires and fears without reason. You have no desire to call the client, because they refuse your request? But in case you do not make this call, you have no chances for a positive outcome of the conversation.
Yes, fighting impulsive behavior is not easy, it requires a lot of strength. But you can ease the task by asking for help. For example, share your problem with your family or colleagues - let them become your voluntary supervisors. When quietly made a promise to yourself and did not fulfill it - this is one thing, but if others know about it - your chances of winning significantly increase.
If you haven’t been able to solve the problem on your own, be sure to consult with a psychotherapist. With it, you can understand which of the problems is an obstacle to effective work in your case, and together you will solve it with the most effective method.
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