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Choosing a profession by temperament

You do not like your work? Maybe the whole thing in your temperament? After all, not every job will suit you

You do not like your work? Maybe the whole thing in your temperament? After all, not every job will suit you. 

The choice of a profession depends on many factors: children's hobbies, perspective, level of education, parents' solvency and other factors. However, it has long been noticed that the choice of a profession is also combined with a person’s temperament. 
The word "temperament" is translated Latin, as "proper ratio of parts." That is temperament, it is a kind of quintessence of all individual characteristics of a person. In total, four types of temperament are distinguished: choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, and melancholic types. Find a person only with a specific type of temperament is simply impossible. We can only talk about the compatibility of temperament types and the prevalence of certain species. 

For choleric people 

A person with a choleric temperament is a quick and impetuous person who is able to devote himself passionately to work. Choleric people are able (and love) to overcome difficulties, however, they are characterized by instability, emotional “storms” and a very sharp change of mood. Often choleric people take on the hardest work and tend to overestimate their capabilities. Choleric people are people who do not agree with the authorities in any way, they are very pushy in their striving, but at the same time they are not assertive. 
Best of all, choleric people succeed in work that requires increased concentration, as well as a lot of energy. Choleric, these are the undisputed leaders who are very uncomfortable "to work for an uncle" and obey other people's ideas and requirements. Choleric do not like routine work, they need to go forward every day, or do something else. They can work for days, and at the same time, choleric people quickly recover from hard work. 

Choleric people can recommend the following professions: actor, merchandiser, pilot, surgeon, builder, manager, cook, investigator, entrepreneur, electrician, journalist ... 

For phlegmatic people 

The phlegmatic person is a slow, imperturbable person with a constant steady mood. Rarely does a phlegmatic express emotions or any mental states. The sluggishness of phlegmatic people can be traced everywhere: at work, at home, at school ... Therefore, the best kind of activity for phlegmatic people is painstaking calm work, where you have to show patience, perseverance and perseverance. 

As a rule, phlegmatic persons do not take the initiative, therefore being a leader is not their thing. They are also hard to adapt to the new rules and the new place of work. 

Phlegmatic people can recommend such professions: economist, accountant, therapist, mechanic, researcher, agricultural worker ... 

For sanguine people 

Sanguine men are the most "living" people in the world. They easily experience failures, and also possess high energy and mental activity. Sanguine people very easily "light up" with new work, but with the same ease they lose interest. It is very easy for such people to learn new professions and skills. Therefore, sanguine persons can, in addition to the basic education, get another two or three new specialties, for them this is not a big deal. 

Monotonous and monotonous work for the sanguine person, this is the worst thing that can happen to him in life. Sanguine men are inborn leaders, and this is such a type of leaders with whom their subordinates are very pleased. 

Sanguine people can recommend these professions: teacher, educator, organizer, waiter, engineer, psychologist ... For melancholic

Melancholic people are thin-skinned people who suffer even the easiest failures. They are very bad at contacting other people, they are much more comfortable alone. Melancholic is very passive because it does not respond to external stimuli. Also melancholic, it is often a timid and restless person, prone to sadness and frequent anxieties. At work, a melancholic person needs frequent rest, and is also very observant. 

In this regard, melancholic should not choose a job that is associated with constant communication and contacts with people. 
Melancholic people can recommend the following professions: artist, composer, painter, artist, teacher, radio mechanic, turner, mechanic, writer, veterinarian, geologist, accountant ... 
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