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Men's parka. How to choose where and what to wear?

Selecting a universal outerwear for the autumn-winter period? Then we advise you to pay attention to the park.
Selecting a universal outerwear for the autumn-winter period? Then we advise you to pay attention to the park (Parkas, Parka Jacket). It is not only suitable for everyday image, but also has many other advantages. 

Under the park refers to an elongated jacket, usually with a hood. It can be fall or warm for wearing during the cold period. Design is different - with and without decorative elements. 

This jacket is suitable for all men, regardless of height and configuration. It is appropriate for almost any event. The man in the park looks stylish and courageous. 

What is a park, how to choose it, where and with what to wear it, we will describe in today's article. 

A bit of history

In the early 50s, the park was created for the military , like many well-known types of outerwear. She was a warm coat worn by American pilots and infantry to protect herself from the cold and wind. 

As a base, the designers of the time took the Eskimo outerwear , which they put on the hunt. Historically, parks were sewn from animal skins, fur out. 

In the 60s, the park was spotted by fashion houses in the UK; and from that time on its popularity in various sections of the population began to grow rapidly. Parks began to wear and youth subcultures, and ordinary urban dwellers. Nowadays, the situation has not changed much - different categories of the population wear such jackets at any age.  

Types of parks

- Models with a restrained design,  more suitable for office style.

- Park "fish tail"  with the back of the characteristic shape.

- Models that resemble the Alaska jacket.  They are well warmed and suitable for cold winters.

According to the type of insulation such jackets are divided into  autumn and winter

An ideal material for parks would be waterproof fabric - in such a park you can not worry about the bad weather and walk freely in the pouring rain or, which is important in the winter, during a snowstorm.

Color parks

As for color, choose the one you like the most.  The classic  color of men's parks is khaki.  However, there are many other colors - blue, brown, black, gray and even red parks are no less popular than khaki.

What to wear with the park?

Men's parka is effectively combined with trousers or jeans, straight or tapered cut. Chinos also fit. In this case, take into account that the color of the pants should be in harmony with the colors of the parks. 

Long sleeves with a discreet print, a one-colored jumper, a strict shirt with a waistcoat can be worn at the upper part of the body. 

The choice of things under the park depends primarily on the event for which you are going to go, personal preference and taste. Feel free to create interesting combinations, and you will definitely get the desired image. 

Shoe options are also quite diverse - Chelsea, Timberland, deserts, boots from Dr Martens. Both leather and suede shoes will look good with a park.

Where is the park appropriate?

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the park is a  universal outerwear.  Therefore, it can be worn  to work, walk, to the store. 

For  office wardrobe  suit park black, blue, gray or brown with a discreet design. It will be combined with costumes. 

If there is a costume in the image, then the shoes should be chosen correctly. In winter, it is advisable to give preference to  classic shoes , and in the fall it is better to wear  brogues  or  monks .

Park corresponding to current trends

Features fashionable parks:

- Hood with fur; 

- length - no more than mid-thigh and to the knees; 

- patch pockets; 

- colors: brown, black, blue and green.

Care features

In order for the park to maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time, one should adhere to the following rules: 

1. A water-repellent park should be cleaned with products specially designed for such purposes. Otherwise, blurry stains may appear on the fabric. 

2. Do not often take the jacket to dry cleaning. Even the most delicate cleaning methods do not guarantee that the park will retain its beautiful appearance. 

3. It is necessary to wash the park with a button and turn it inside out. It is best to set the wash mode “manual” or “delicate”. 

Choosing an autumn or winter look, be sure to pay attention to the park. Her listed features and benefits will help you to be stylish, regardless of the situation and dress code.
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