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How to choose men's gloves?

Today we will talk about gloves, which not only emphasize your style, but also save your hands from cold and rough skin due to frost. Our tips will help you choose the appropriate glove and not be mistaken with the size
As a rule, in the summer with the help of accessories complements the selected image. However, in winter, many small wardrobe items play an important practical role. Today we will talk about gloves, which not only emphasize your style, but also save your hands from cold and rough skin due to frost. Our tips will help you choose the appropriate glove and not be mistaken with the size. 

Gloves made of leather 

Classic leather gloves black color perfectly with formal clothing options. High-quality gloves are considered if they are made from thin and soft leather. This is a classic that has been relevant for more than a century. The material used is goat or calf leather of different textures. 

Brown gloves are versatile and suitable for everyday wear. It should be borne in mind that men's gloves should be the same color as the outerwear or be several different shades. Do not forget about the shoes, and pick them up with the appropriate color (the discrepancy between shade and gloves is permissible). 

Leather gloves do not keep warm for long. Therefore, choosing such an accessory for winter, consider this property of leather products, and prefer gloves with wool or thick lining inside. 

Conventional leather gloves may look dull. Therefore, this item of clothing with quilted inserts, beautiful seam, rivets or other decor looks more advantageous 

Wool Gloves 

Black, gray or blue wool gloves will harmonize with many looks. To date, these accessories are considered fashionable in yellow, dark red, burgundy and emerald colors. Among the patterns are very relevant Nordic and Fair-Isle. 

Knitted and knitted gloves 

A great option for active men who prefer street or sports style clothing. Knitted gloves can be double-layer and single-layer. The first - much warmer and suitable for a long stay in the cold. 

Fur Gloves 

Such an item of clothing will protect your hands even from extreme cold. However, fur gloves are not cheap. Rabbit fur, hare, sheepskin and sometimes chinchilla are commonly used as lining Fur gloves will go well with a coat. 


Many mittens are associated with childhood. They keep warm well and warm, because the fingers are together. But with practicality in mittens problematic. If in childhood they were enough to carry a sled, then in adulthood free fingers can be sorely missed. 

However, mittens occupy an honorable place in our list. This is a good choice for those who want to stand out among the crowd and loves accessories that can not be found on every third. 

Gloves for sensory gadgets

In the world of electronic progress, such an element has become indispensable for many. Many owners of sensory devices complained about the impossibility of using them in gloves. Therefore, today it is possible to choose a model of gloves, which outwardly does not differ from ordinary ones, however, there is a thread sewn into the fingers, which transfers the touches to the screen. In addition, such gloves can be rubberized, not allowing the device to slip on the floor. 

Gloves for drivers 

These gloves are perforated and made of durable leather. In them the wheel does not slide, and the discomfort is not felt. In addition, hands do not sweat in them. Of course, they will not save them from severe cold, but this is not their purpose. 

How to choose the right size gloves? 

Not every man knows how to choose the right size gloves. However, everything is quite simple. Measure the girth of the palm, not including the thumb. The resulting centimeters divided by 2.71 (convert to inches). The resulting number will be your size. 

For example, your palm girth is 22 centimeters: 22 / 2.71 = 8.12. 

There are standard sizes of gloves for men: 

   Palm girth (mm)     Size in inches         The size     
Always consider that there may be errors in size (especially inexpensive gloves). Therefore, if you do not want to make a mistake, be sure to measure gloves before buying. They should not constrain the movement of the fingers and should not be too loose. If you felt comfortable in gloves - it means that they were waiting for you.
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