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The best warming winter drinks

Traditional winter drinks are green and black teas. However, there are other equally tasty and healthy varieties of warming drinks.
The warm weather is replaced by a long and cold winter. Ahead are long winter evenings. And in order to pass them off it was more fun, sitting in front of the TV or with a laptop, we offer you recipes for winter drinks. All of them will not only warm you, but will also invigorate you, fill your body with vitamins and all sorts of useful substances. 

As a rule, traditional winter drinks are green and black teas. And many prefer this type of tea. Their range on the shelves of stores is quite wide, for every taste and color. However, there are other equally tasty and healthy varieties of warming drinks.

Fruit and berry teas

These teas can be purchased at any supermarket. A better look at the eco-shop. This tea does not contain tannin and caffeine. However, due to its beneficial properties, it actively influences the body. It is especially useful during a cold because it has a diaphoretic and diuretic effect. It also has a positive effect on the digestive system and respiratory tract.

If you have a supply of fruits and berries in the freezer, this tea can be easily prepared by yourself. It is enough just to pour frozen fruit or berries with hot water at a temperature no higher than 40-50 degrees (otherwise all the vitamins will be gone) and let stand until full defrosting. If the drink seems cold to you, it can be heated in a water bath. 

Ginger tea

Another type of winter warming drink is ginger tea. It has a peculiar and sharpish aroma, and perfectly warms the inside. Translated from Chinese, ginger means "manly." The use of ginger tea improves blood circulation, and this increases the potency in men, gives strength and self-confidence.

Ginger tea contains vitamins C, B1, B2, and A. Therefore, it is an excellent aid in the control and prevention of colds. It also contains essential oils, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. Ginger promotes good digestion and thins blood. 

There is a simple recipe for making ginger tea. Suffice it to clear 1 cm of ginger root, finely chop it and pour boiling water. Let stand for 7-10 minutes, add lemon to taste and honey - tea is ready. In your kitchen at this time will be a pleasant exotic smell of ginger.

Herbal tea

In the cold season, herbal teas and herbal teas are very popular. Herbal drinks are very good for human health. They not only have a warming effect, but also have a beneficial effect on the entire body. The choice of herbs is huge - it's mint, lemon balm, St. John's wort, dog rose, hawthorn, karkade, chamomile, linden and others.

However, experts warn that each type of grass has certain features of influence on the human body. Therefore, before using this or that herb, it is necessary to consult a doctor. You also need to remember that herbal tea and decoction of the grass can not be heated on the stove. For this you need to use a water bath.

Milk drinks

It is known that milk is a useful and natural product. As a rule, it is used as a basis for the preparation of tasty and healthy drinks. A wonderful option in the winter is cocoa. It is boiled in milk, adding vanilla, cinnamon, caramel chips and other spices. And in order to warm up and sleep well, drink warm milk with honey for the night. With a combination of these healthy products, sleep will be strong and healthy. Also, this drink has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular, immune system, strengthens bones and protects against viral diseases.

No less useful and warming drink is warm milk with cocoa butter. It is necessary to dissolve a small piece of butter in the heated milk and drink at night. You can add one teaspoon of honey. This recipe is an excellent remedy for colds and cough.

Winter alcoholic beverages

And in order to warm up and improve your mood with a group of friends, you can cook flavored mulled wine. This hot drink is traditional in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. It includes red wine, spices and spices (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg). 

Mulled wine attracts not only with its taste and aroma, it also has beneficial properties. This drink warms well and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system (taking into account the fact that the dose does not exceed 100 ml). Mulled wine is served heated to 70-80 degrees with a slice of lemon or orange. 

Another popular, strong drink is the British Grog.Rum (whiskey or brandy) is commonly used as a basis for grog. To it are added water, sugar, spices, and slices of lemon or orange. Grog is served hot, like mulled wine. 

But hot glog drink is made from red wine with spices. It is distributed during the Christmas period in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. For its preparation use red wine, which for the fortress is mixed with Madeira or vodka. Add to taste cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, almonds and citrus peels. Feeding goleg to the table, tea, rum and lemon zest are added to it. The result is a punch of red wine. White wine, cider and apple juice are sometimes used instead of red wine, and as a result they get a gold leaf.

But the strength of such a drink is quite high, so you should know when to stop. Or simply cranberry or black currant juice will be suitable as a basis for non-alcoholicjuice.
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