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Men's fashion trends summer 2018

More and more men are becoming interested in fashion, and this can not but rejoice designers who are happy to try to improve the men's wardrobe. In today's article we will talk about the most current trends in the summer of 2018.
Each year, designers come up with new and relevant fashion trends. Of course, it’s impossible to keep up with all the ideas of the fashion luminaries, but the main current rules are quite realistic to follow. 

Most fashionable things look fresh and attractive. They make the image interesting and spectacular. 

In today's article we will talk about the main fashion trends of the summer of 2018.

Pastel gamma

Pastel gamma is not the first year at the peak of the fashion wave. These include the following colors: cream, beige, coffee, pale yellow, light lavender, light blue. 

A good solution is to combine shirts in pastel colors with gray trousers and blue suits. You can wear light blue pants and a light yellow shirt.

Availability of pockets, including decorative

Every man knows that pockets are a practical thing. This season, designers represent them as an element of decor. In a fashion large pockets or an abundance of small pockets. They are applied on jackets, coats, vests and jackets. 

When choosing such clothes it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the image with a large number of pockets will look strange and even ridiculous. In addition, it is not necessary to load them with things tightly, otherwise they will lose their beautiful shape.

Pink color

Designers are again trying to instill pink colors in men. Pink t-shirts, shirts, business suits and jackets are relevant this season. 

However, in practice, pink jackets and pants should be abandoned. But the pale pink shirt on men will look attractive. 

These colors go well with different shades of gray, such as a pink shirt and gray pants.

Tennis Sweater

A tennis sweater with a V-neckline comes back into fashion. This piece of clothing will complement both the classic and informal style. 

Tennis sweater is easy to fit into the wardrobe. It is only important to remember such a nuance: if the neckline is small, you need to wear a T-shirt or a smooth T-shirt under the sweater. When the neckline is large, you should wear a shirt, best with a tie.

In the spirit of music festivals

Clothing in the spirit of music festivals with notes of rebellious rock and roll and hippies is relevant. Pay attention to things with a fringe, a multi-colored print, and patchwork. In addition, the relevant bandanas and shirts in Hawaiian style. 

Copy exactly the style of hippies is not worth it. However, you can fit into the image of one bright element, for example, a bandanna or a colorful shirt.

Clothing with inscriptions in the form of prints

The mottos and inscriptions on clothes are not new. However, this season they are again popular in the form of prints. Designers managed to successfully combine labels and prints. This solution quickly became popular among well-known brands. 

Prints, inscriptions adorned jackets, sweatshirts, T-shirts and other items of clothing. 

The inscriptions on T-shirts and sweatshirts are especially suitable for everyday style. Other clothes in this case should be monophonic.  


This year's fashion trend is striped suits. Particularly relevant are light stripes on dark blue suits. This trend is observed in almost all brands. 

If the strip is rather narrow and not too expressive, such a suit is quite suitable for a business style (office). You can create a business casual style if the jacket with pronounced stripes is combined with jeans. 

Also, a striped t-shirt with a jacket will always look refreshing.

Wide shorts and pants

In a fashion wide trousers from light fabrics. They can be either with pictures or without them. They can be combined with many items of clothing - shirts, T-shirts, jackets, sweaters. 

In practice, it is best not to combine wide shorts or pants with a jacket. Leave this idea for podiums and trendy Bulgarians. 

While relaxing, you can wear wide trousers with a pattern, and choose natural leather sandals as a shoe.

That's all the main fashion trends of the summer of 2018. Images promise to be light, spectacular and free. Calm and pleasant to the eye colors easy to read. From them blows warmth, summer breeze and the upcoming holiday. Even business style diluted strips associated with the marine theme. 

Engage the ideas outlined in the article, and your image will never go unnoticed.
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