» » By the love of spicy foods you can define the nature


By the love of spicy foods you can define the nature

The love of food with spicy spices indicates certain traits of a person's character.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania became aware that the love of food with hot spices demonstrates certain traits of a person’s character.
A study was conducted to establish the relationship between eating spicy foods and personality types. As it turned out, fans of the peppered dishes are constantly in search of keen emotions and adventures in real life. But the participants in the experiment, in every possible way avoiding extreme sports, on the contrary, do not show any love for peppered food.
So, 184 volunteers received 25 microns of capsaicin, which is part of chili pepper - they needed to evaluate its taste. Participants who liked the savory flavor, on the personal test scored the highest number of points. They were open to new sensations and ready for risky actions. And the volunteers who scored the minimum score on the test turned out to be opponents of risk, the spicy taste didn’t attract them at all.
Scientists say that they have long been able to trace the direct link between the sharpness of food and the intensity of taste. At the same time, in theory, a person should love more food, which is more annoying receptors. But as it turned out in this case, everything is completely different.
By the way, a little earlier, nutritionists from America came to the conclusion that it is not advisable to consume pepper food before bedtime, because it invigorates and can cause insomnia.
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