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The most popular types of vegetarianism

Some people are pushed into vegetarianism by ideological convictions, others by the opinion that the rejection of animal food is good for health. And the opinion of the second group can not be called unfounded, since quite a few studies on the benefits of vegetarianism for health have proven this
Some people are pushed into vegetarianism by ideological convictions, others by the opinion that the rejection of animal food is good for health. And the opinion of the second group can not be called unfounded, since quite a few studies on the health benefits of vegetarianism have proven this. 

Ten years ago, only a few became vegetarians. The adherents of the meat sincerely wondered how they can live without meat? And WHO (World Health Organization) equated vegetarianism with mental disorder and added to the list of mental diseases (number F63.8). By the way, the WHO considers that love is nothing more than a mental disorder (in the list of diseases love has the code F63.9 - immediately behind vegetarianism).

But nowadays no one will be surprised with vegetarianism. Vegetarianism is a fairly common occurrence. 

Numerous studies have shown that in our time the human body is too overloaded with animal protein and saturated fats. This in turn increases the risk of developing various diseases. Therefore, it is not strange that many people gradually begin to refuse food of animal origin, replacing it with vegetable.

According to experts, vegetarianism is a common name that combines all types of killing-free nutrition. Following the logic, the word “killing-free” means - without killing any living thing. This includes not only animals and birds, but also fish, all kinds of insects and mollusks. 
There are two types of vegetarianism: soft vegetarianism and  touching vegetarianism (veganism) . Formally, a soft kind of vegetarianism is divided into lactic vegetarianism and ovovoganarianism .  

In fact, there are a lot of types of vegetarianism. But we will consider the most basic of them. 

Lactose vegetarianism

Lactic vegetarians consume any dairy products. The word "lacto" comes from the Latin "milk". However, it is interesting and necessary to know that not all varieties of cheeses can be consumed by lacto-vegetarians. There are cheeses that contain such an enzyme of animal origin as abomasum. It is extracted from the stomach of young calves. Naturally, they are being killed. An alternative to such cheeses can be bacon sourdough cheeses.  

Ovio vegetarianism

A less common form of soft vegetarianism is ovovogeanism. Ovovéverianism means eating eggs. ("ovo" - from the Latin "egg"). And in this case we are talking only about unfertilized eggs. If the egg is fertilized, then a new life has arisen in it, which cannot be killed. You can eat eggs only from the poultry farm - they are not fertilized. As for the village - they can already be fertilized. 

There is also a combined kind of soft vegetarianism. This is ovolaktovarianstvo. What it is, everyone understands.


The strictest type of vegetarianism is called veganism. In order to protect animals, people completely abandon their exploitation. In this case, they become vegans. How is veganism different from vegetarianism? Veganism is a tough kind of vegetarianism. Vegans absolutely exclude from the diet all types of animal origin. Most do not even consume honey, as it is a product of exploitation. They do not wear clothing and all kinds of leather and fur products. Vegans use only the cosmetics, in the production of which the animal components were not used, and also in the manufacturing process which tests were not carried out on animals.  

Raw foods

Currently, such a special kind of vegetarianism as raw foods is popular. Raw foodists eat only raw vegetables and fruits. According to some experts, this food is most useful for the body. Allowed to dry in the sun or in the oven at a temperature not higher than 42 degrees. The fact is that the enzymes found in vegetables are destroyed at high temperatures. Raw foodists do not cook or eat cereals, soups, and also do not consume salt, sugar and spices. The diet of raw foodists includes fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, nuts, cereals, dried fruits and all kinds of cold-pressed oils. They also germinate various cereal seeds. 


Nutritionists also highlight a special kind of vegetarianism - this fruitorism. As the name implies, this is food only with fruits. However, according to experts, it is difficult to balance this diet. Therefore, this type of vegetarianism is questioned. 


In this case, a vegetarian can eat poultry meat. This type of food provides for the rejection of red meat animals. The rationale for the refusal is that when they kill, adrenaline is released, which enters the blood. And the animals are aware of the moment of their death. And adrenaline is not present in the bird's blood. This meat has dietary properties.  


This is a predominantly vegetable diet. Flexitarians seek to limit themselves in meat consumption, but they do not refuse it at all. They are often referred to as vegetarians, who sometimes eat meat (for certain reasons or in certain circumstances). 

Naturally, not everyone can come to such a lifestyle. To be or not to be is our choice. However, using any kind of vegetarianism, you will rid your body of toxins and slags, clean your blood vessels and improve your health.скачать dle 12.1

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