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Products that will help improve performance

If for any reason you have lost the desire to work, you have apathy and fatigue, do not be upset and do not rush to make hasty conclusions. In this situation, healthy and tasty products will come to your aid.
As you know, food affects not only health, mood and body shape, but also brain activity and performance. 

Scientists have proven that high-calorie and fatty foods can adversely affect short-term memory, and if at work you dream of a sausage sandwich and a slice of pizza, you will think worse and remember the necessary information. However, there are a number of products that can improve brain function, as well as improve your mood.

1. Nuts 

During operation, your brain is constantly in tension, and therefore consumes a lot of energy. The composition of the nuts include dietary fiber, vitamins and proteins. They provide the brain with energy and improve cognitive abilities and memory. Magnesium contained in nuts protects the body from overvoltage and stress. To improve brain activity, it is best to use walnuts, as they contain omega-3 (fatty acids).

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But you need to know when to stop. Nuts are very high in calories. If they are abused, you can easily gain weight. Refuse from the use of sweet and salty nuts. We are talking about kozinaki, salted peanuts and bars.

2. Coffee

It is known that a cup of coffee drunk in the morning is capable of relieving drowsiness and encouragement. The whole reason is caffeine, which blocks adenosine, which causes fatigue, drowsiness and apathy. So drinking a cup of this bracing drink before work will only benefit you. Caffeine will also help you to cheer up during the working day. He will concentrate your attention and shorten the reaction time. After drinking coffee, your work will be much more efficient and productive. 

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However, to feel even more cheerful, you should not drink it too much. As you know, caffeine is a psychostimulant. If abused, it is addictive. The brain adapts and coffee does not act as a stimulant (energy). Therefore, the recommended dose is 1-2 cups. Moreover, not soluble, but high-quality grains.

3. Salmon species 

The human brain is 60% fat. Half of this fat is Omega-3 (fatty acids). They are needed to create new neurons and nerve cells that are responsible for obtaining new information and memory. Since Omega-3 is not produced by the human body, the only way to get them is food and all sorts of nutritional supplements. The salmon family (salmon, salmon, trout) is very rich in fatty acids. And if there is no fish in your diet, you can replace it with fish oil. To do this, consult with a specialist. 

It has been proven that people who regularly eat fish have more gray matter in their brains than those who rarely eat them. Gray matter controls memory and is responsible for your mental activity.

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The International Health Organization recommends eating fish at least 2 times a week. It is very useful not only for brain activity, but also for the cardiovascular system, and also reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

4. Dark chocolate 

Dark chocolate, which contains 70% or more cocoa, has a positive effect on memory. It also contributes to the production of dopamine in the body, which has a positive effect on mood. As a result of an experiment conducted in the United States of America, it turned out that people who consumed chocolate regularly coped better with the task than those who consumed it rarely. 

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Undesirable use of chocolate in large quantities. Especially milky. It increases blood sugar levels and also causes fatigue. 

5. Pumpkin seeds

It is known that magnesium, iron and zinc are necessary for good brain activity. It is in pumpkin seeds and oil that these trace elements are contained. Magnesium is needed to improve memory and learning. Zinc - for the work of neurons. Iron - to increase the concentration and better perception of new information. Lack of these nutrients can inhibit the operation of the pulp. And with age it can lead to Alzheimer's disease. Tip 
Pumpkin seeds, like nuts, are very high in calories. They contain 556 calories per 100 g. Therefore, it is recommended to eat only 25-30 grams. They can be added to cereals and vegetable salads.

6. Blueberries

Excessive abilities blueberries you will not add, but will serve as an excellent protection of the brain from age-related changes. This is all due to the anti-oxidant anthocyanin, which gives blueberries a dark blue color. Anthocyanins, accumulating in the human body, improve communication between brain cells. Blackcurrant, blueberry and cranberry also have a similar property.

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Blueberries are useful not only fresh, but also frozen. And it is better not to eat dried. She is very sweet and will not bring any benefit.

7. Turmeric 

This is a yellow spice that is added to all possible side dishes and gives them a pleasant yellowish tint. Turmeric improves mental ability and improves mood. Turmeric contains antioxidant curcumin. It protects brain cells from aging. It also contributes to the development of dopamine and serotonin, which are able to overcome depression and fatigue. 

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Despite the benefits of turmeric, do not eat it in large quantities. It is better to add to fish, chicken and other dishes. We have listed products that positively affect your mental activity and improve your mood. 

What products, in your opinion, can improve brain function and increase vitality?скачать dle 12.1

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