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The most stylish foreigners of the past year (Part 1)

Among the most stylish men of 2017 are not only actors, models and singers for whom to have exquisite onions - bread and butter, but also politicians, photographers and even athletes

We have compiled a list of the most stylish men for 2017, the taste of which can be envied and will learn to dress stylishly. Among them are not only actors, models and singers, for whom having refined onions is bread and butter, but also politicians, photographers and even sportsmen.

Dan stevens

Once the English actor Dan Stevens could come to the film premiere in chinos, and now he is dressed in an elegant suit that only emphasizes all the advantages of his physique.

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (The Weeknd)

The popular Canadian singer The Weeknd, shortly before the release of the new music album, cut off his usual hairstyle “pineapple”, which was very popular with fans. But despite this, Abel remained a rather gloomy man in a bomber jacket and dark sneakers. Only occasionally does he put on a suit to enter the red carpet. 

James McAvoy

The famous actor James McAvoy, who starred in The Chronicles of Narnia and in many other films, prefers classics that are still in fashion, especially three-piece suits with or without a tie. 

Andrew Bolton

Art curator Andrew Bolton runs the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. He knows exactly how to fit a suit ideally, which, moreover, is his business card. 

Sebastian Kurz

A young and successful 30-year-old Austrian politician Sebastian Kurtz is not trying to look older than his years. Yes, and that he would have failed. Most often, Sebastian Kurtz is surrounded by people twice his age. In a business image, politics can only be seen at official events. 

David Lauren

The senior vice president of a large US company specializing in marketing and advertising succeeds not only in work, but also in fashion. His qualities, he largely borrowed from his father - Ralph Lauren. 

Calvin Harris

The real name of this DJ and producer is Adam Richard Wiles. Among the popular brands Kelvin Harris prefers Giorgio Armani. With particular regularity, he appears in the costumes of Giorgio Armani. 

Richard Madden

The British film and theater actor aristocratically keeps himself outside the stage and the lenses of cameramen. His bow is different from the images of stage characters. Richard Madden likes classic cut, natural colors and textures.  

Nicolas Sarkozy

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has always been distinguished by impeccable taste, which has gained a new twist thanks to Carla Bruni. On the day of the inauguration, he put on a Prada suit. He also prefers dark-colored suits and ties from Dior. Among the brands of shirts, Nicolas Sarkozy prefers the English brand Hilditch & Key.

Aidan Turner

Irish actor Aidan Turner, starring in the TV series "Poldark" and claiming the role of James Bond, prefers leather jackets, jeans and T-shirts. Such an image really suits him, as well as elegant costumes without unnecessary frills.

Conor macgregor

Irish mixed martial arts fighter Conor Macgregor succeeded in creating interesting combinations of clothing. He can wear Louis Vuitton moccasins, white trousers and polo. But the hallmark of the wrestler are the three-piece suits from David August.  

Oliver cheshire

The successful model Oliver Cheshire takes part in almost all the men's fashion weeks. His image is so perfect that he was recognized as the most stylish man at the Cannes Film Festival.  

Frederick Malle

Parisian perfumer Frederick Mall understands the fashion world as well as perfumery. He wears both strict and business suits of gray color, and color of velveteen.  

Alex Turner

British rock singer Alex Turner changed the style of teenager’s clothes to T-shirts tucked into jeans, unbuttoned shirts and leather jackets. His briana briolin bang was unchanged.  

Jeff goldblum

Known for the films "Jurassic Park", "Fly" and "Independence Day" actor Jeff Goldblum at 64 years old is not far behind the fashion trends. He loves sneakers with highlight, leather jackets, hats and colorful prints.

Army Hammer

Actor from the US Army Hammer all to face: and informal images, and business suits. He gladly wears Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo and Tom Ford. The stylist Hilaria Urbinati helps him with image selection.  

Ryan reynolds

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds does not focus on one image. He often wears light-colored suits with a waistcoat and tie, corduroy pants and jackets, but he does not forget about leather jackets.

Mark Strong

British actor Mark Strong has impeccable taste and ability to select images. Especially effectively it looks black and blue costumes with a butterfly or tie. 

David James Gandhi

Model David James Gandhi goes out only in a stylish image. He has long been in the ratings of the most stylish men. His favorite trick is a suit with a waistcoat, a jacket and a raincoat.  

Justin trudeau

Canadian politician Justin Trudeau, whose appearance is often compared with the prince of the Disney's "Little Mermaid", boldly combines suits with socks with stripes, cages, peas or diamonds. Such an image was found attractive by his numerous admirers.

Henrik Lundquist

Swedish hockey player Henrik Lundquist skillfully managed not only with the puck and stick, but also with the creation of images. Both informal and elegant clothes look equally good on it. Sometimes he puts on quite unexpected, but effective combinations.

Brooklyn beckham 

The son of David and Victoria Beckham in the ability to dress stylishly went in the footsteps of his star parents. In addition, he is educated at the Parsons School of Design. In the wardrobe of an 18-year-old boy there are a lot of sneakers, sweatshirts, narrowed pants and inscribed T-shirts. But at the official events of David can be seen most often in elegant suits. 

Prince harry

Among all the royal couple, Prince Harry always manages to look elegant and spectacular. He knows how to combine clothes, colors and various textures.

Rafe Fiennes

British actor and director Rafe Fiennes is not trying to dress up to get into the ratings of stylish men. However, he succeeds without effort. He knows how to effectively complement elegant images with stylish and beautifully knotted scarves.  

Xavier Dolan

French-Canadian actor, screenwriter and director is in love with the brand Louis Vuitton. Especially like Xavier Dolan costumes of this brand, which he really go. This is a great combination of art and fashion.скачать dle 12.1

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