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What kind of men love women?

Almost all men want to be liked by women. Some do not know how, others are lazy. But we are not lazy and we will tell you how to please a woman.Almost all men want to be liked by women.Some do not know how, others are lazy.But we are not lazy and we will tell you how to please a woman.
“If Nikanor Ivanovich’s lips were to be attached to Ivan Kuzmich’s nose ...”(Agafya Tikhonovna. “Marriage”. N.V. Gogol).
Despite the fact that emancipation walks around the planet, and feminists of all stripes persuade women to give up their ancestral privileges, most women still want them to be beautifully nursed, sing serenades, give flowers.
But romance is not only a candlelit dinner, but also a morning call with the words: “Good morning, sweetheart!” Or at least SMS ...
Any woman will appreciate if a man remembers their personal red dates.For example, the day of the meeting, the day of the first kiss, the day of declaration of love.
Even the most modest attentions - one donated flower, chocolates, theater tickets, a boat trip in the summer, a water tram - will not let love fall in a woman's heart.
Almost all women love tenderness, caressing glances, light stroking, fingering fingers.
Even if you have already come time for a close relationship, all these tenderness will make the passion more memorable.
And yet, as scientists found out, women are much faster tired of monotony in sex than men, and it is desirable that the scenario of a love game changes from time to time.You can use role-playing games, change the bed on the carpet or bathroom.
And the axiom that women love with their ears has also not been canceled yet.
So in a love relationship with a woman, silence is not gold, but rust that erodes this relationship.It is not necessary to praise your beloved and pour with motley epithets, it is clear that there are only a few Cicero among us.But to talk about how you love and want a woman, just be sure.
And women like caring men who are comfortable and safe.Although we almost all became independent and even self-sufficient, somewhere in the depths of the subconscious sits a secret desire to be behind a man, like a stone wall.
Women are no less property owners than men.They want her favorite to belong to her alone.Therefore, there are quarrels, the reason for which men do not see.Well, I looked at someone's beautiful legs, well, I praised her girlfriend's hair.What is criminal?Nothing.But many women react to it painfully.
In order not to lose the confidence of a woman, you should not lie to her for every little thing.Truthfulness, in general, strengthens the relationship.Living with a liar is the same thing as walking through a minefield ...
Women try as soon as possible to part with the whiner, always complaining about the fate and the people around him.
And, as sociologists and psychologists say, the tough macho's prestige is plummeting.
An increasing number of women prefer men who can not only build a house, but also build a nest in it.
Not only the ability to earn money is appreciated, but also the ability to care for babies, and later to find a common language with matured children.
And the most important thing is that a woman who seeks love in a man first of all, and not money, will always appreciate sincerity and kindness.скачать dle 12.1

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