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Individuality in price: how to stop comparing yourself with others

The moment has come in your life when you need to pull yourself together and take drastic measures

Do you feel sick to go on Facebook and update Twitter, because all your comrades are trying to tell everyone they meet about their achievements? So in your life the moment has come when you need to pull yourself together and take drastic measures.
No, friends from social networks do not need to be deleted, it will not help. The most reasonable thing to do in such a situation is to get as far as possible from social media and get rid of everything that is beyond your control. We advise you to concentrate all your attention on the only thing: try to become the best in real life, not virtual.
In most cases, when a person is entrusted with an important task, he feels a certain loss, fear, loneliness and confusion. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new relationship or a serious project - getting out of your comfort zone can scare you to horror.
The strongest experiences in such situations are those who cannot live without structuring any information or dividing life into light and dark bands. You seem to feel vulnerable, but you are ready to fight. At first, there is a feeling that “everything is gone”, but at the same moment positive notes slip through the brain. After a couple of minutes - again hopelessness. However, it will soon turn out that all these surging emotions have no ground under them.
It is all the habit of regularly comparing with others both yourself and your own achievements, which will not lead you to anything good. What to grab to succeed? It's simple: take a single lane. In this case, you have to work hard, spend a lot of time and show courage. But we are not looking for easy ways!
Compare yourself with your own feelings.
When a person compares his love story, career or specific actions with those around him, he draws parallels only with the personal perception of a person. We will never know what the true essence of a comparison object is. It’s absolutely normal to admire many things, including style of clothes, sense of humor and work ethic, but they form something more! And you will not be able to fully verify whether the description really fits with reality. Remember, very often even hardened introverts are confused with extroverts.
Ignore the feeling of envy
Yes. This is hard. Completely get rid of this habit, most likely, is impossible. You are a living person, and it is quite natural that sometimes there is a feeling of resentment and envy when you hear about other people's success. But you yourself can reach the top of the same height! To rejoice in the successes of strangers, when desperately dreaming about your own, is not an easy task. But be extremely honest with yourself : do you really need this achievement ?! Be sure to analyze what you specifically want, regardless of others.
On the other side of the numbers
The feeling of one’s own insolvency, which grows during the comparison of oneself with others, is fueled by social networks: Vkontakte, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. They create the illusion that everyone has reasons to brag to others, but not you. In fact, these are just bare numbers - for example, likes or number of followers. Numbers! It may well be that your achievement is not completely tangible, but the very fact that it happened, plays a crucial role for you.
It so happens that your favorite things - projects, photos, videos that have great value for you, get the minimum ball. That is how success is measured ??? To prevent such incidents from happening again, create your own personal definition of success, such a bar of achievements. Measuring yourself on it will be much more useful and more pleasant!
Alone with myself
It will sound frightening, but there are only YOU. You are unique . And this means that your experience and perception of the world are also unique, they make you special and amazing. But some remain just themselves, while others become the best version of themselves, constantly improving. And no matter how hard you try, you can never be someone else. Regularly in your field of view will get higher, slim, smart, rich or strong, as you will seem, people. Therefore, constantly trying to pretend to be the ideal person in all respects is simply physically unreal.
Adequate comparison
Competition often brings good results, because it helps you expand the boundaries of your own consciousness. But do not let your opponent ruin your plans to create everything you believe in and love! Agree to constantly compare yourself with others - very exhaustingly, because the number of braggers in social networks and in the world is constantly growing. Do you want to show everyone that you are successful? Then become the best of yourself. Let the people be equal to you, not you to the people!

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