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Home gym: 5 necessary things for training

In addition to the barbell, dumbbells and horizontal bar there are 4 fixtures needed by each athlete. We will tell about them in today's article.
For supporters of a healthy lifestyle and those who are limited in their spare time, there is an optimal way to keep fit, to equip a home mini-gym. It does not need a lot of effort; it is enough to apply fantasy and acquire the necessary things that will make the training diverse and effective. 

In addition to the barbell, dumbbells and horizontal bar there are 4 fixtures needed by each athlete. We will tell about them in today's article.


Medbol is a rubber ball weighting agent filled with sand, sawdust, non-toxic gel or some other heavy filler. Its weight ranges from 1 to 20 kg. During training, he will not bounce off surfaces. 

The device can be used as additional weight, for example, by developing the core muscles. If you throw the ball to the floor with your arms extended, the back muscles, shoulders and abs will receive a good load. 


This projectile is no longer a novelty, many have heard of it, saw it and tried to deal with it. However, the fitball is still an infrequent item in home gyms. But in vain: this inflatable ball is very effective in training the abdominal muscles.

With a fitball, you can pump a press, do reverse twisting, a bar, train arms and legs.

Shock absorber

The shock absorber (tape-expander), made of elastic rubber, is used in all strength and speed-strength exercises. It perfectly complements the workout, creating an additional burden. 

The shock absorber complements the exercises that mimic the movement in everyday life. Such workouts work well in muscle work groups. In addition, functional exercises with a shock absorber do not actually carry a health risk, compared to exercises with weighting.


Such a device is well developed muscles of the shoulder girdle. Another important advantage of the weight is that while working with it the center of gravity changes. In this way, a good load of leg and bark muscles is obtained.  

Total Body Resistance (TRX) 

The abbreviation TRX means exercise with burdening for the whole body. The device is a loop on the belt, with which you can use your weight during training. The belt is adjusted depending on the desired load and degree of preparation.

Total Body Resistance allows you to do reverse pull-ups. To do this, set the loop at the level of the solar plexus and hang on them, clutching his hands inwards and stretching his legs forward. You need to pull up, pressing your elbows to your body and reducing the shoulder blades. 

TRX is suitable not only for active athletes, but also for those who recover from injuries or struggle with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. 

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