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Men's fashion autumn-winter 2018/2019

The season did not have time to change, and fashionistas were already showing their renewed wardrobe and interesting combinations of clothes. In the current season, designers offer a lot of stylish solutions. Some of them returned to us from the past, and some - completely new and fresh ideas. If you follow fashion trends, then this article is for you.
The Pitti Uomo men's fashion exhibition takes place twice a year in Florence. This event is a treasure trove for those who want to keep up with popular fashion trends. The exhibition contains the latest fashionable solutions in everyday style that can be implemented by every man. 

Men's magazine MEN's LIFE has prepared a review of the most interesting fashion trends. Read, be inspired and replenish your wardrobe.

Coat patchwork

Products in patchwork style are sewn from shreds of fabrics, as a rule, of different colors and patterns. At the exhibition Pitti Uomo - this was one of the most popular trends. Fashion designers offer a patchwork coat in brown, beige and gray tones.

But you need to consider, if you put on a patchwork coat, then other items of clothing should be without any excesses. Then the image will be stylish and will surely attract attention.

Caps and hats are back in fashion

Felt hats (fedora) are back in fashion, as well as hats with wide brim. The trend again caps both leather and fabric. The image with one of the listed accessories will not be old-fashioned if you choose the right jacket or coat.  

Sports accents

Fashion designers offer to replenish the wardrobe with sports items with impeccable tailoring quality. They skillfully combine costumes with sporting elements. For example, images with classic trousers, the same coat and sweatshirt, or a hoodie, sneakers and an elegant coat were shown at the exhibition. Also in fashion remained a combination: classic pants and sneakers.  

Paired images

Fashion hit - get dressed with his companion in the combined things. So, you get a pair image. At the Pitti Uomo exhibition there were quite a few such examples. Such a solution effectively sets you and the satellite out of the crowd. Try this chip in practice, and you will not regret!

Turtleneck with jacket

Experienced mods know how to dress in bad weather so that it is warm and stylish - they combine a turtleneck with a jacket, which was demonstrated during the Pitti Uomo. A laconic turtleneck and an elegant jacket make this look stylish and practical.  

The second life of a denim shirt

It is time to get a denim shirt out of your closet. This season she is a favorite. Fashion designers combine it with things made in a strict style. Combine with her coat, dress pants and even a tie, and you get a rather interesting bow.

Designers recommend combining such a shirt with dark blue or brown trousers. 

Driving gloves in fashion again

Fashion is cyclical, and the accessories shown at the Pitti Uomo show are proof of that. Driving gloves again the current trend. 

For reference: they are made from soft, thin and high-quality leather. They are complemented by perforations and cuts at the fingertips or knuckles. Also, driving gloves are complemented by clasps in the form of a button.

Fashion 2018 - 2019 provides for wearing them, not only while driving, but also in any other relevant setting. 

Camel shade beige

Many people find camel color boring, but not the fashion designers at Pitti Uomo. In addition, this color is calm, pleasing to the eye and has a variety of subtones. This is a great choice for a winter look. Designers offer to create an image completely made in beige color, but using different shades.

Beige blends well with most other colors. However, this season, designers offer to combine it with blue and dark blue.

Men's jewelry

The exhibition featured men's jewelry. Stylish men wore different jewelry - earrings, rings, chains. Particularly popular are massive rings that adorn 4 fingers. It is important that the products were made in the same style. Such an accessory makes the image expressive and striking.

Maxi Bags

It is not the first season that one can observe that men are increasingly complementing their image with stylish bags. Previously, this accessory was not given special attention. 

In the current season, all the necessary and unnecessary little things fit perfectly in bags maxi. They are not only stylish, but also practical. Restrained colors - blue, gray, black, natural green. 

Considering how quickly the summer has said goodbye to us, it's time to update your wardrobe, and our selection of current trends from Pitti Uomo will help you with this.

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