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Teenage girls: the more dangerous they are than their peers

Teenage girls: the more dangerous they are than their peers

Adolescents can be cruel manipulators, and teenage girls are the most dangerous ones, as the scientists found out. The reason is not at all in hormones, but in one of the highly valued features of the human personality: emotional intelligence.

Teenage girls: the more dangerous they are than their peers
Emotional intelligence, in general, is a beautiful thing. Daniel Gouldman, an explorer of this personality trait, defines it as “the ability to be aware of one’s emotions and the emotions of others, to motivate oneself and others, and to manage one’s emotions well with oneself and interacting with others. It sounds good, and must be great help to communicate. However, everything has a dark side, and EI is not an exception, as shown by one of the new studies in the field of psychology (published in the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology). According to scientists, young girls with a high level of emotional intelligence are particularly prone to antisocial behavior.
Researchers from the University of Plymouth have suggested that if a person has a tendency to “make one's nerves”, but also a high emotional intelligence, the latter feature will keep them from unrighteous acts. So it turned out - but only for young men. Young women, prone to dangerous entertainment and possessing high emotional intelligence, have shown greater readiness for unlawful acts.
What could be the reasons for such a difference between boys and girls? Researchers suggest that the matter is in different ways of responding. A man who finds himself in a difficult situation is more inclined to direct his negative emotions to the outside. In other words, an angry boy will break something or fight with someone, and this behavior does not require him to understand how people think, what they feel and how to control them. It turns out that emotional intelligence, even if a teenage boy has it, will in no way help him cope with either daily stress or difficult social situations.
On the other hand, girls rarely throw out the negative in a fight. If they come into confrontation with someone, their strategy is intimidation, boycotts, bullying, manipulation. These are all the strategies of everyday cruelty in the girl group, which many victims complain about - girls who are not prone to such behavior, less status, less successful.
Manipulation and emotional terror are well managed precisely by socially adapted, intellectually and emotionally developed. In order for manipulative behavior to become an effective strategy, the manipulator must have a high level of emotional development. He (and in our case, she) must understand exactly how his behavior affects other people and what needs to be done to achieve the desired reaction. A successful manipulator simply must have a developed emotional intelligence.
It turns out that emotional intelligence “in bad hands” is not just a tool that is useful in communication, but a formidable weapon. Successful teenage girls in society, in whose evil tendencies their parents so rarely believe, can really be very cruel and effective manipulators. This is helped by the same peculiarity that made them so successful - emotional intelligence.
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