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6 reasons to refuse alcoholic beverages

People often drink a little bit of alcohol to relax and have a good time. Nevertheless, even a glass of wine is not as harmless to health as it seems at first glance.
People often drink a little bit of alcohol to relax and have a good time. Nevertheless, even a glass of wine is not as harmless to health as it seems at first glance. 

In today's article, we will name six reasons to give up alcohol.

1. Alcohol makes people vulnerable to disease.

Alcohol is a common cause of cirrhosis and hepatitis. It also adversely affects the liver and pancreas. 

Ethanol destructively acts on the walls of the esophagus. The body ceases to absorb important substances for it. As a result, immunity is weakened and health deteriorates. It takes at least a week to restore the intestines. 

It is worth noting that alcohol is eliminated from the body of men faster than that of women. 

If a person has not drunk for two weeks, he will have normal blood pressure, heart rate, and will stop tormenting headaches.

2. Appearance deteriorates

If you often drink alcohol, the skin will begin to lose elasticity, as the body is dehydrated. The skin color deteriorates, red areas and bruises under the eyes appear. Also, such people age prematurely. 

After giving up alcohol, it will take from several weeks to several years for the appearance to recover. The duration of the process depends on the frequency of abuse of spirits. 

You also need to consider that premature aging is not always possible to stop. 

3. Alcohol aggravates depression.

Some people consider alcohol as a remedy to get rid of depression. However, it has only a short-term effect due to a jump in the hormone dopamine. After a while, the body gets used to the production of dopamine at the expense of alcohol, and then begins to demand it more and more. As a result, a person feels depression with a new force and ceases to receive pleasure from life. 

The negative effect recedes only 2 weeks after abstinence from strong drinks. The body restores vitality, a person has a new motivation to strive for goals.

4. Overweight appears

According to scientists, ethanol stimulates the activity of AGRP protein, as a result of which a person wants to eat more. In some cases, it not only increases the appetite, but also causes gluttony. Alcohol also worsens metabolism.

5. The risk of alcohol dependence

Many people think that only disadvantaged people become alcoholics. In fact, addiction can occur in any person who consumes alcohol. 

At the beginning of the development of addiction, a person can lead a normal life - communicate with friends, go to work, and show social activity. But then the negative changes will still manifest themselves - health and mental problems will begin. 

The earlier a person gives up alcohol, the lower the likelihood that he will become addicted. 

A person has excess weight, which provokes the development of a number of diseases. In particular, the risk of developing diabetes and stroke increases.

6. Increased costs

Alcohol, especially quality, is expensive. People willingly spend money on harming health. In addition, there is a chance to buy a fake alcohol, which is capable of delivering an irreparable blow to the body. 

Money from the wallet will go not only for alcohol, but also for visiting doctors, as well as for treatment, in order to normalize health.

Is it harmful to drink alcohol occasionally?

It is believed that a small amount of alcohol does not harm health. But not all scientists agree with this. 

Representatives of science conducted an experiment that lasted 6 years. It was attended by 5 thousand volunteers. Some participants periodically drank alcohol, and some - did not drink alcohol. 

As a result, it turned out that volunteers who periodically drank alcoholic beverages had irregularities in the heart and blood vessels. 

Alcohol is harmful even in small doses. In addition to short-term pleasure, they will not bring anything good. Over a short period of time, only depressions and poor health will be expected. 

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