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What is a barbershop and who are barbers?

In the post-Soviet countries, few know what a barbershop is and who barbers are. In order to learn more about who these people are and what kind of places they are, we offer to plunge into a world where the wishes of men become reality with the help of real professionals in their field.
In the post-Soviet countries, few know what a barbershop is and who barbers are. In order to learn more about who these people are and what kind of places they are, we offer to plunge into a world where the wishes of men become reality with the help of real professionals in their field. 

For a long time, men have not been attracted to beauty salons, where they serve people of both sexes, even in different halls. Men do not even like a men's hairdresser , but a place where they can clean up without prying female eyes and conversations. 

Many men want to visit barbershopwhere you can not only transform your appearance, but also mentally communicate with like-minded people, drink a good whiskey and light a cigar. 

A little bit of history

Barbershop got its name from the Latin word "barba", which means "beard". This is a distinctive male trait that is not associated with women. In such institutions reigns masculine spirit, women are not among the visitors, and among the masters. 

Barber for men became the hotel cell in the 18th century in Europe, and then in America. The masters were divided into 2 categories, some worked with women, others with men. At the same time, the first beard haircut service became popular . 

In the past, simple medical manipulations were carried out in barbershop — teeth were treated, small cuts were made, banks were put. However, in the mid-19th century, institutions began offering only hairdressing services. 

The establishments became so popular and famous that at the end of the 19th century the first Barbers' Protective Union en Columbus, Ohio trade union of Barbers was founded in Ohio, and then in New York. At the same time, the first hairdressing schools began to appear, whose profile was - men's haircuts and styling. Experts in chemistry, anatomy and biology began to actively cooperate with the Barbershop, developing cosmetics for men. After all, in the male half of society, the sebaceous glands function differently, and the hair is tighter. Therefore, the products must be subject to such features.

In the 70s of the 20th century, the demand for barbershop services abated somewhat. This was due to the fashion for long hair. Barbers did not immediately adjust to the fashion trend, and therefore owners of long hair went to women's hairdressing salons. However, the Barbers soon mastered this niche. 

Barbershop, as part of the culture of society.

It can be said without exaggeration that the Barbershop is a whole culture. For masters it is more than work, for them it is a lifestyle. They are always happy to maintain a conversation with visitors, to help ensure that they have a comfortable atmosphere, and, of course, to satisfy their wishes related to the transformation of the image. 

For clients, a visit to the barbershop is an interesting pastime and an opportunity to get useful recommendations from personal care professionals. In essence, this is a men's club, to be a member of which is always an honor.

What services do barbershops offer? 

To date, the range of services Barbershop following: 

Men's haircut , including for children. 

- Haircut Correction. 

- Hair Styling. 

- Haircut and styling beard. 

- Royal shave. 

- Masking gray hair. 

Male manicure

- Male pedicure. 

- Modeling eyebrows and beards.

Regardless of the chosen service, visitors will experience the atmosphere of a men's club, good drinks, cigars and socializing with like-minded people. 

Barbers offer many interesting techniques for performing services and many ideas for creating an image. They always keep up with fashion trends, improve technology, while not forgetting about the classics. 

Working with hair, eyebrows and a beard requires a special approach, in addition, every man has an 
individual appearance, so experts take into account the shape of the face, features, body shape and style of the visitor. After all, what suits one may not suit another. Also barbershop successfully practiced haircut in the shape of the face

We invite you to visit the Barbershop Syndicate

We invite everyone to visit the Barbershop Syndicate in Kiev. We can relax, have a good time in the men's society and use the services of experienced specialists: camouflaging gray hair , haircuts, hair styling and beards, children's haircuts, dangerous shaving, eyebrow correction, manicure, pedicure. 

Experienced barbers work with every visitor, who are always ready to fulfill their wishes, taking into account the features of their appearance. Also, experts give useful recommendations for further care of appearance. Our barbers use professional tools that work wonders in skilled hands. 

For specialists from Syndicate, it is important that each visitor is satisfied with the result. This is the best reward for those who have decided to devote their lives to the art of the Barbers. 

Already from the first minutes of being in the cabin, the atmosphere reigning in it is charming. The loft-style walls are complemented by large mirrors in a wooden frame, as well as surfaces made of expensive wood. 

In soft, leather chairs, every visitor can relax, drink whiskey and smoke a cigar, cigarette or pipe. For such purposes a special, cozy room is set aside, in which a man can communicate with interesting people or be alone with himself, preparing for a business meeting or a date. 

In order to visit the barbershop Syndicate, you can sign up to us by the phone numbers listed on the site. Online recording also works 

Barbershop Syndicate ensures that each of our clients will be satisfied with the time spent and the desired result. скачать dle 12.1

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