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Nature walks improve mental health

Not only vitamins and sports help improve health. Nature and fresh air are equally effective means to feel good

Representatives of science from Spain believe that people who often walk in nature, less faced with psychological problems compared with the others. 

A positive effect will be observed, even if you go to work and from work through the park. 

For information, an experiment was conducted involving 3,600 volunteers from Europe. They filled out questionnaires, with the help of which scientists determined their mental state. 

It turned out that the participants who went from work to work through the park every day had good results in the questionnaires. Positive results of the survey were also noted in those people who passed through the park on a bicycle.

Experts believe that natural beauty - reservoirs, landscape, fragrant trees have a positive effect on the psyche. 

We will remind, earlier a study was conducted, which proved that it is good for the residents of the city to walk in the fresh air in the park, and not among the city streets. Scandinavian walking is especially useful, which has already become very popular among physically active people in our country. This kind of walking helps strengthen the cardiovascular system

If you don’t have time to go to nature in the countryside regularly, you should pick walking routes through parks as often as possible, and leave the office for a walk at lunchtime. Then positive changes will not take long to wait.
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