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How to choose a profession?

The problems that arise when choosing a profession are surmountable - the main thing is to remember several recommendations of psychologists, sociologists and specialists in vocational guidance.
Trying to find an interesting, popular and well-paid business for themselves, many people face problems. All of them can be overcome - the main thing is to remember a few recommendations of psychologists, sociologists and specialists in vocational guidance.
So, how to choose a profession? The main difficulties and ways to overcome them.
Parents are trying to solve for you
Do not blame them for it. Parents are parents, they always strive to help and “do what is best.” Another question is that this “best” may not fundamentally coincide with your preferences, interests and inclinations. Well, in this case will have to withstand some confrontation. Just do not swing the sword and do not spite. The main thing in your choice is that it is made independently, after much thought and study of the relevant literature. 
A great step is to persuade parents to go along with you to vocational guidance classes. If your relationship with your parents is trusting enough, try to explain why you don’t like their choice. If they continue to insist - ask them to tell more about the profession, to motivate such perseverance.
You can not decide what to choose
An employment center specialist will conduct free testing with you and help you figure out in which direction you should look for a profession you like. He will tell you about the nuances of one or another profession that interests you, because very often we do not know anything about it except for external aspects. Perhaps, having learned more about some specialty, you will stop insisting on getting it or, on the contrary, you will be interested. Information gathering is a very important step that many ignore.

You are fond of many things, and do not know what kind of hobby there is a sense to make your profession
There is an algorithm for learning to make choices in career guidance classes. Answer yourself three questions: 
1. What do I want?2. What can I really (know or learn)?3. What is required today?
Realizing how your desires, skills and needs of society are combined with each other, it will be easier for you to choose one thing. And yet, who said that the modern man should be limited to the choice of the only profession? Today, more than ever, you can easily get several professions - in turn or even at the same time. Continuing education is almost a necessity for a person who is interested in different areas and is ready to try himself in different industries.
In any case, try to choose a flexible profession that will allow you to quickly retrain in any related field in the future. The problem is that people (especially young) rarely know about such opportunities. So - make inquiries, find out!
Do you have a dream about a particular job
And in this case, everything is not so simple. Dreams are often far from reality. What pictures appear in front of your inner eye when you think about your dream? Do you see yourself in the process of this work or do you observe the result regardless of you? Imagine how you respond to the result? Or maybe the brightest are crowds of fans with gifts and flowers? Think about this "inner cinema".
You have some traits that may interfere with the work in the chosen specialty.
If you are embarrassed to speak to the public, and the future profession involves regular performances, do not reassure yourself that you will get used to and learn. Maybe yes - and maybe not. In any case, you need to do something to get rid of this trait. For example, to participate in the performances of the student theater, to be called to make reports. Many people are successfully transforming from shy, insensitive personalities to the “soul of the company”, putting some effort into this.
You like some kind of profession, but you are sure that it does not suit you on the basis of gender
Many are convinced that the rescuer should be exclusively a man, and a manicurist - a woman. Why? Where is that written? If you like the profession, if you feel like an inclination and vocation, if you have the appropriate abilities, why not reject prejudices?
You want to get a "fashionable" profession
Yes, a nutritionist is fashionable today. And what will happen tomorrow? All possible diets, strictly speaking, have long been invented, and the popularity of certain "gurus" from dietology is due only to their ability to "unwind." Soon every second person will consider himself a nutritionist - so much information is poured on us every day from the pages of magazines, television screens and computer monitors. Perhaps the situation is the same with your chosen profession?
And finally - a little advice: success can be achieved in any profession, provided that you put a part of yourself in it.
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